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File: 1494624599357.png -(33442 B, 885x717) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
33442 No.3434  
Programming, vidya, hardware, security, etc.

Welcome to the NCSU summer tech general thread!
>> No.3435  
File: 1494624781261.jpg -(19525 B, 510x286) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Today, the useds of Microshaft(R) Wainblows(TM) have been exposed to a major ransomware worm.

Although the vulnerability was patched months ago, the invasive nature of Wind Blows updates has made many useds not update their machines.

Many businesses and government services have been hit by this ransomware.

> Published: May 8, 2017 | Updated: May 11, 2011

>> No.3436  
File: 1494624844586.webm -(2554026 B, 640x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
this is a witty response

Do you mean https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/security/4022344#ID0E6BAC
This will make a good metasploit module
or is it something else?
>> No.3437  
Did you know that entering "how many calories in 1000 tons of chocolate" into google will cause an integer overflow?
>> No.3438  
File: 1494626695591.png -(53827 B, 500x361) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Telefonica, the largest Spanish ISP was hit by Wana Decrypt
>> No.3439  
File: 1494627736880.jpg -(171233 B, 900x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
> Published: May 8, 2017 | Updated: May 11, 2011
I did not even notice but I hope the last one is meant to be 2017

Is wncry self-replicating and spreading, or is it used as an attack? It's interesting that a lot of articles on the net label them as attacks, but it would not be very hard to craft a worm which does the same thing

Ransomware makes me nostalgic for humorous viruses like stoned
the src is on there as well

I'd love to get into virus development but that also implies that I will be captured and employed as a life-long employee of the government so I'd rather not have that happen
>> No.3445  
any idea what the vector is for it? typical phishing/email cams, ads, etc? or something else?
i guess im asking how sophisticated it is?

>> No.3450  
Self replicating
>> No.3452  
File: 1494708345010.jpg -(426809 B, 900x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I read yesterday that it spreads inside a LAN very fast, so only a spearphishing attack is necessary
here's some detail about how it works internally

It uses the vuln >>3436 to exploit Microsoft's Server Message Block, allowing the worm to execute remote code and replicate itself. Neat!

oh oh oh, I learned a lot about irc botnets yesterday. now that we are running an irc channel, we could host the worlds's first .edu sponsored command&control botnet. . . cool!
>> No.3463  
File: 1494715914342.webm -(588231 B, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
i made this with c++ and sfml

currently fixing some things up
>> No.3464  
this is really cool! Is there a difference between the yellow and green blocks? I can see that the red blocks turn green after they're hit once
>> No.3465  
green goes away on 1 hit
yellow goes away on 2 hits
red goes away on 3 hits
the problem is that sometimes the ball exists within the block for more than 1 update cycle so the brick gets hit multiple times within the same frame. you'll notice that @ 0:20 two entire columns get destroyed instantly because the ball occupies the same space as the blocks and it causes it to do WiErD sHiT
>> No.3470  
File: 1494769507581.webm -(1759770 B, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
i updated it fixing some thing and changing some things and making it look a little better
>> No.3472  
nice! it doesn't look like it does the weird think with disappearing blocks on collision , how'd you fix it?
>> No.3473  
i dont know how much you know about video game "physics" but the general process is
>update object
>if something happened
>do this

what i was doing with the ball was
>move ball
>check if it's touching anything
>change ball direction

so what was happening was the ball was moved so far that it was well within a brick or the paddle, that even though the ball direction was changed, the next update cycle would still have the ball be inside the brick or paddle
for the bricks, this caused them to be hit multiple times in a single frame since the ball existed inside of it for numerous update cycles.

i fixed it by holding on to the previous ball position. if the next update cycle moves the ball into a brick or the paddle, then it registers the collision and moves the ball back to the previous position.

since how far the ball moves is based on the time from the last update, it's still possible for the ball to 'pass through' bricks and the paddle.

so say the ball is set to move upward 1 unit * time since last frame (seconds) * 1000: (1 * t * 1000).
if t < 1 or even < 2, this may be fine, and typical (at most it's like .08 seconds between update cycles). but if t = 10 seconds, then suddenly the ball is moving 10000 units for that cycle which is no good.

there's a few ways to remedy this that involve breaking up t into chunks of some size and integrating, but i'm not sure im ready to do that just quite yet (i know i can, i just gotta plan it out)
>> No.3474  
Dont fix it, I love when that happens in breakout
find a way to tweak it as a mechanic rather than a problem to fix.
>> No.3475  
File: 1494798235117.gif -(65245 B, 432x198) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
ah, I see
I haven't gotten into programming things which require a framerate. The most I ever did was working with the ncurses library to draw on the terminal window, kind of like dwarf fortress except I think df uses SDL

when I'm writing something, I find that too much abstraction generally hampers my source's readability and makes me kind of upset in the process. I think it's a safe assumption in this case then that t will never be above 1 unless you are running on Windows 9X, in which case there are a lot of other things you should be worried about like updating your operating system~
>> No.3476  
> I think it's a safe assumption in this case then that t will never be above 1
it absolutely is a safe assumption /in this case/
there are plenty of cases where that wouldnt be valid, but none of that matters because that's professional level and i'm just having fun

>I find that too much abstraction generally hampers my source's readability
i used to have the same problem, but after just 2 semesters and taking the two java courses here at ncsu, using the shit ive learned has made making breakout both a breeze and really fun. adding stuff to it or changing things is really easy as well.

i've been teaching myself c++ off an on for like 10 years. i'm really familiar with the language, but there were so many aspects of design that i just could not teach myself. if you compared my pong source code (which is archived away somewhere) to my breakout source code, it's like night and day

i // (i wrote a pong game some years ago, still using sfml and c++, but it was entirely procedural)
>> No.3477  
File: 1494802142062.png -(385749 B, 587x604) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
are the computer science courses here really not that bad? I've heard that they have some good group projects and introduce source version control which is probably one of the most important things when writing software with other people. And I know that some of the higher CS courses deal with finite state machines and automata and all the baggage that comes along with programming like computation complexity and things.

as an electrical/computer engineer I only needed a few courses on programming, and the most recent I took was the ECE intro to java which was a load of shit but I had a blast with the team projects.

Windows GUI programming is so confusing when you first start out that I just dropped it. I managed to write a program that got blasted by Windows Defender as a virus so that's a success in my book
>> No.3478  
fuck gui programming in general. and yeah the intro to java course is pretty dull, , especially because i came in with a lot of knowledge with of the kinds of material that the class taught, but i still feel like i got a lot out of it (it's where they began to talk about design). the first thing they teach you in the csc intro to java course is for loops, which i thought was weird. but when we were told to make programs using ONLY for loops, it was actually kind of an interesting challenge and i enjoyed it. made me think about what i was doing.

finite state machines are actually first introduced in the second java course and discrete mathematics (generally taken at the same time). both of those also go into complexity, but disc. math does a better job at it. there's a lab for 216 (the second java course) that's basically like a semester long group project, plus a couple other group projects i the actual class, and yes, plenty of version control.

automata is an entire class on its own. then there's things like c, assembly, OS's, and whatever else they do. i dont have anything to compare it to, but i really do like the curriculum they have.

>I know a guy that didn't need to show up for the final to get an A because there was so much extra credit in my class
not sure when you took it, but not much has changed. i just took it this spring and was in the same boat, but i went in for the final anyway because i needed an A+ to cover for another class that i thought i was going to tank.

> Do you like higher lever or lower level programming?
low level for sure. i dont care much for java and really enjoy c++ and memory management and all that shit. some things ive seen with c i feel are very elegant. i have a strong dislike for webdev.
i could be wrong though. ive been using c++ for years so i'm partial to it. i know i dont like how verbose java is and how much hand holding there is, but it's also possible i haven't delved deep enough.
>> No.3479  
File: 1494804800771.png -(168681 B, 450x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>discrete math
I had to take this class
I know a guy that didn't need to show up for the final to get an A because there was so much extra credit in my class

I want to take an x86 class. Do you like higher lever or lower level programming?
yeah, I like low-level too

all the cool web applications are written in nodejs
PHP and mySQL and JS are what runs the parent site. but I think nodejs has a lot of potential as an asynchronous language to serve a lot of people fast
>> No.3480  
File: 1494805067229.jpg -(810742 B, 3264x1836) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Do you like asdasdasda oops

also web development has changed so much since i last tried it. back then php, html, and sql made up the backbone of pretty much everything (i guess flash and javascript too). i remember ajax being a thing everyone was starting to do.

i really dont know the first thing about javascript in general. i think it wouldn't bother me if it stayed that way but i doubt i'll be that lucky

>the whole definitive guide
that's a big book

>> No.3481  
File: 1494804988801.jpg -(30221 B, 204x307) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
javascript is really neat. I read the whole definitive guide that I bought at the campus booksale and I feel a lot better about being able to optimize it for web-eficiency

the last 1/3rd of the book is "known bugs" in a lot of web browsers. I imagine the "good parts" only has HTML/interacting with DOMs. A lot of the interesting pieces of the language come in the first 1/3rd of the book where you learn about the treatment of functions as data and some fun things about weak-typing. I hadn't dealt with a weak-typed language before this so it was a good read

I'm tackling an introduction to perl tomorrow afternoon. The summer is a really good time to pick up a language or study one you already know
>> No.3482  
i haven't gotten too , or rather haven't used a strongly-typed language at all i think. most languages ive used have been statically typed, though. i've used python a tiny little bit and it seems nifty but also a little boring.

i feel so fucking snobby/uppity saying that

>> No.3483  
File: 1494806558441.jpg -(90531 B, 600x847) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
but python is very boring!

I wish that the python 2/3 split had never happened because now I need to have 2 versions of python on my system just to install a package, because python is a glue language that a lot of package developers use to take care of installation and testing and other dev things

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