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49116 No.3427  
Hello /ncsu/! Thank you for dealing with the state of the server over the past few days. . . I reinstalled everything, even the O/S, and I managed to keep everything looking just as familiar as usual, which is a miracle by itself

As a result of the operating system install, howler.us.to and its various other URLs run harder, better, faster, stronger, more than hour hour never ever after work is over work it make it do it makes us harder better faster stronger~

We will be running an IRC server on this server where the moderation team can be contacted or just generally harassed, stay tuned

Oh, and good morning!
>> No.3443  
>We will be running an IRC server
cool an irc
>> No.3444  
cool an irc server for all 5 people here
[spoiler]i actually wish everyone would use irc and i'll idle the fuck out of it[/spoiler]

also ty for increasing the number of words that can be edited. still waiting for new lines

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