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yumi ## Admin
I'm giving an hour-long talk for the NCSU Linux User Group tomorrow; it's about computers. And the server architecture around this website; if that sounds interesting please come check it out.

Date: 11/07
Place: Engineering Building 2, Room 3001
Time: 7PM

I am keeping the talk accessible because I want everyone to know how fun it is to do something like this!
Hope to see you there

Translator's Note: Screaming is sometimes used in the culture to connote excitement

Ima finna gonna be there my b, gotta show them the consequences as well as the how-to, amirite?
>show them the consequences as well as the how-to
the presentation is the how-to; I am the consequence
see you there anon
Good talk, dear sir
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Wow, I didn't expect so many people to come out; it was a lot of fun, thanks for coming out and listening.
The LUG is having a dinner meeting this coming week... you should be able to sign up for the LUG **mailing** **list** here:

>What if I don't use Linux
It's more about open-source community than Linux imo; if you liked today's thing then you should come grab dinner with us sometime!
>would Linux help me run emulators and watch animu?
yes and yes
iirc there's a few people in the club who don't use Linux anyway, that's why it's more about the community; we had a talk two weeks ago on flashing custom android firmware, so it's really more about software and hardware and enjoying the Information Age than about what OS you use~
Was well done. Good job Yumi-kun!
Where'd you get that shirt btw?
What if I don't use Linux? Also, would Linux help me run emulators and watch animu?
Oh okay, that sounds really fun. I've flashed CFW on consoles before, does that count?
Maybe I will start running Linux, but all I know about it is two of my friends got ubuntu in middle school and started using Opera for some reason.
I only have one 6 year old laptop atm, so multiple machines won't be doable
I wanna make me a desktop just in case Lokasenna-chan decides to crap out on me when I have projects due. Fingers crossed for a writing competition I entered with a cash prize. :3
Arigato gozaimasu! Short fiction. My story is very... (post)modern, so I doubt I'll win, considering the judges. It's also vulgar, &c.
Ideas are very hard, and in short fiction they're the bread-and-butter. I'm a bit of a day-dreamer though, so I've got a few. My problem is writing out the "aboutness" or story-stuff. I really just like playing with themes and ideas. So, it kind of helps that experience isn't really critical.
If they win, I'll share them. One entry is biblical fan-fiction (very blasphemous) and the other is well... a disorienting tale about a disoriented man.
Well, I'll see you next Wednesday, Yumi-kun. Thank you for the protips! Oyasumi~!
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>flashed CFW on consoles
that's in the same spirit. you can maybe find a little computer to run Linux on; using it on a daily basis can be frustrating, especially if the machine you're depending on breaks but with a little practice I think you could pull it off
Anyway just start off small if you're up for a little fun; I can help out if you'd like, if only because you called me Yumi-kun <3
desktops aren't too expensive, especially if you buy the old all-in-ones that are tossed out of offices; good luck on the competiton!
What kind of composition was it?
Short fiction is cool; coming up with ideas to frame as stories is really hard for me because I never know what to write about outside my own experience.
awesome awesome awesome
look forward to reading them :3
The Short Fiction Contest Committee or w/e already put up their finalists (
I am not one of them TT^TT
Apparently blasphemous, post-modern, hallucinatory, and outright bawdy tales (within tales) do not appeal to realist/modernist writers and 19th century specialists. Who woulda guessed?
No, it's not possible that I'm a shitty writer--it has to be a difference in tastes.
ur a shit riter m8
Arent you guys having a dinner meeting tomorrow?
it's at Mitch's Tavern: 7~8
"Hey everyone,

The results are in! This week we'll be eating at Mitch's Tavern.

I hope to see you all there,