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「Nihongo Club」

Hey Hapa-san and Yumi!
Y'all ought to go to the Japanese friend. A classmate (non-weeb) told me they meet every Wednesday at 7.
pic unrelated
Were you trying to say club? The Japanese friend sounds nice, too
Your classmate may not be a weeb, but the club may still be weebs.
This warrants further investigation from some brave Howler.
Ye I meant club. Mainly it'd be a good opportunity to speak nihongo.
And look, weebs and nonweebs have their own positive qualities.
I'm situationaly functional so I'll check it out some time; I have other club activities most wednesdays but I'll see if I can get to a meeting some time soon; I'm always excited to practice speaking anyway
Thanks for the heads-up anon (´・ω・`)