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Cosplay/Halloween Ideas
I need help, /ncsu/, what should I cosplay? I need to start buying things ASAP if I want to have something decent by the 31st. So far I've got:
>Ouran High School Host club (any character, I have a baby-blue blazer, but I've done this cosplay already)
>Young Joseph Joestar (I'm about part 5 /fit/ w/out the perfect abs)
>Gene Starwind (getting old, I doubt even weebs will understand the reference)
>Aleph from SMT2 (but I'd feel disingenuous since I haven't finished the game)
>Snake (would be an excuse to buy a gun and get a concealed carry license, but of course, money)
The last actually --wait, no, I've done a few cool ones. I did the Demi-fiend which was pretty decent, but annoying because body paint can get on stuff/smudge, the invisible man (which was hot as balls), and Rintarou Okabe complete with lab coat and Dr. Pepper.

What are y'all howlan boys gonna do for Halloween?
BTW personally, I wanna spend as little money as possible on my costume. For young JOJO, I just need the scarf (~$20) a blank tank, some blue jeans (which I need to buy anyway), and costume boots. For Gene, I'd need to do something for the gloves, belts, & boots, plus makeup for the tatoo and scars. Aleph could be easy if not for the shades.
>>8647 (OP) OP again
Also, shmaybe Yang Wenli, because I could still rock the Jacket in winter. But it would be a considerable amount of dosh and effort.
I dare you to do snake on campus firearm and all. It'll be funny.
Image 1538836024641.jpg (93 KB, 600x338, Snake-Infinite-Ammo.jpg)
Can't get in trouble if no one can spot you
snake for sure lmao. i plan on being bowsette (femanon here) because shes fuckin cute and will make
Image 1538957365794.png (149 KB, 434x434, 20180925_234041.png)
>>8688 fuck it posted early. i meant to say that itll make me look somewhat decent
Image 1539004257135.jpg (65 KB, 444x441, True Love.jpg)
do u realize how /interested/ you just made ur fellow howlers
can u not
real question tho: tan bowsette or i-can't-believe-it's-not-peach?
Image 1539015294433.jpg (250 KB, 1411x2000, __konpaku_youmu_touhou_drawn_b(…).jpg)
what does the second imply
desu the first option would be too much effort if I had to decide
god it's so hard to find pictures I can post on this board

the crown is def. the most important piece of hardware regardless :2
>>8697 pls post cosplay to /yu/
It implies brown bowsette is best bowsette
objective fax
>>8695 tan bc i dont plan on bleaching my skin for this lmao. also do you yall have any ideas for how i should make the crown? i really have no clue where to start when it comes to that. also pic related, it's when i was painting the hones yesterday.
*horns fuck i cant spell
Image 1539023714359.jpg (194 KB, 720x711, 20181008_143415.jpg)
those look cool anonnette
no advice for the crown, sorry
Get a small pillow/plushie (modify it if you have to), if you can't find one, then stitching one would be hard.
Then just get some posterboard or something and hit it with some gold paint, cut it into points and wrap it around little punk plush.
You may have to super-glue it to a plastic hairband like those "sexy [MAD] hatter" bands.
sexy m­ad hatter
Stitching one wouldN'T be hard
Costume ideas for curly-haired male-types?
I feel like I can't just leave my hair by the wayside and be "X but, like, with curly hair n shit", but I can't think of any curly-haired characters from popular media that people would plausibly recognize plausible recognition optional.
If it's someone from something I haven't heard of, I'm willing to commit irresponsible amounts of time to the source material so that I can not feel like a hack.
Currently long-ish curly hair, but willing to get a haircut before Halloween (desu I really should) but still plan on keeping the curls.
Do afros count?
Plus, if you like Game of Normies there's Robb Stark (ded af) and if you die it, you could be John Snow.
I would argue yes. I could plausibly tease my hair appropriately.
Byron is also a good one. As for the GoN, definitely don't watch it but that hair is super doable. Minimal affectation, but that's also an extensive costume
Noboru is a pretty good option as long as I can stay [MAD]-looking. The character is also definitely much taller than I am, but no one will notice if I just strike their shins.
Image 1539199415205.jpg (167 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20181010_131831_204.jpg)
my corset and skirt came in the mail today so heres a pic of how i look so far: i still need the spike bracelets and the wig to arrive tho :/
oh and i also ordered a little green gem for the front of the corset. :3
>>8732 cute; looks like it'll turn out nicely
I hope OP found something too
Kawaii as fuck. I wanna die
I didn't, but this weeknd I'll see about finding some grey garbage at a thrift store.
>>8647 (OP)