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are we allowed to do /mu/ here? what are my fellow weenies listening to

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>>>/watch?v=2NV_zHmgw3U this whole album
And we're getting close to the season for this album >>>/watch?v=popPQmikR9w

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I am a horse with no legs
I've been rolling around town since I was a small horse
Wobblin' and hobblin' and getting stared at by tourists
And I am here to stay until God calls me one day to go in the sky and I die
But till then I will roll and play and do the best I can
I know they sometimes laugh at me
It makes my mom cry but
I am not afraid of shame
I am cool with what I am
The other horses might be tall
And have super big legs
But unlike some of them
I am free and that is more important to me
I didn't expect to live this long
And I know it could still end at any moment
Everytime I think about it it scares me but just a little bit
Cause realistically there's a bunch of things that could have happened to me
And it's pretty cool to be alive at all
And I'll do the best I can to reach my goals but I don't get too
Anxious about it I try to stay calm and
Remember that a horse like me
Is still a fine thing to be.
Radiohead's Paranoid Android went through an insane transformation between its inception and its final version.
Yesterday I listened to Two Nuns and a Pack Mule and earlier today I listened to Slanted and Enchanted. Those were pretty great.
Image 1537298069168.jpg (176 KB, 850x726, __abigail_williams_fate_grand_(…).jpg)
ELO - Twilight. Sounds are kinda dated but its sooo catchy!
Funky normie city pop I found in a mix today.
holy shit it's so hard to find a thread here when it's not front-page
anyway here's what I'm bumping recently
what the fuck
remove that space and it should be a link
newfriend babby here, what is the pattern to the pages? There are pages from last month and last semester on p much each page, so obviously it has literally nothing to do with date and time of posting.
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Incoming moon-music. S
Should be by date of most recent post in the thread. If a post is from July but has a response from October, it should be before a post from September.
Should be, but it's not. You'll see stuff where the last post was in April before one of which the last post is from August.