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「software engineer 150k starting any job you want.」

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Why does anybody major in anything else?
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I don't want to live in California. I'm going to stay in school until tyey kick me out, but they will never kick me out because they like to pay grad students barely enough to make it by.
Hey, I got one o' them there inquiries. FLanon here. sorry to blogpost, but literally the whole reason I came here was to have my MA pay // who cares, basically I can't do what I planned and have to change career plans p much entirely. What kinda jobs can a cunning linguist like myself get iffn I were to learn how to speak computer // learn how to code, &c.?
Well, you may very well be uniquely qualified to be involved with Natural Language Processing work.
Basically voice to text, idk if that ship has sailed already or what have you, but a linguistics perspective would probably be helpful?
But beyond voice to text, there's also sentiment analysis and attempts to systematically derive meaning from plain text. But idk if that needs anything more than just familiarity with the language, ya feel?
I'm also not a comp sci guy, so like what do I know. The IAA here at State is a very good program if your primary goal is make hella bank, yo. I'm not sure how easy it is to enter it from unrelated fields, but like it's pretty cost effective, ya feel?

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The future of plasma physics
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This is a langmuir probe and has been around for quite some time. I even made one in my senior year of physics undergrad.
Who are you?

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I'm giving an hour-long talk for the NCSU Linux User Group tomorrow; it's about computers. And the server architecture around this website; if that sounds interesting please come check it out.

Date: 11/07
Place: Engineering Building 2, Room 3001
Time: 7PM

I am keeping the talk accessible because I want everyone to know how fun it is to do something like this!
Hope to see you there

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ur a shit riter m8
Arent you guys having a dinner meeting tomorrow?
it's at Mitch's Tavern: 7~8
"Hey everyone,

The results are in! This week we'll be eating at Mitch's Tavern.

I hope to see you all there,

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「Banner Contest」

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Hello again /ncsu/. Sysop here with an important announcement:
Have you ever wanted to be Internet famous? Do you want your legacy to outlive even you?

Here's your chance: howler is holding a banner contest in preperation for some big changes on the horizon and I'm not just talking about my steadily increasing power bill hosting all these servers in my apartment
Here are the rules:

+ .gif format
+ 256 color maximum
+ 380x150 resolution
+ Hardly has to be relevant; just make it fun!
+ Doesn't even need the name of the website in there
+ Doesn't need to be animated
+ Submit in this thread!

Banners go at the top of the site; we only have one banner right now, but that'll change soon... get creative, anon!
I look forward to our new banners!
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>>8729 haha WOW

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「The Wolf Web」

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I've been checking the archive, and I stumbled on something from The Wolf Web. Question to old-friends: what is this geocities lookin' ass place?
Is it cool?
Is it fun?
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it's just some old discussion forums for ncsu students and alumni
almost no current students use it though, it's mostly peoples in their 30s and 40s bickering
That explains a lot. It's like uncanny normie-tier stuff and 90's-tier cringeposting.
wrongo friend, I'm a current student

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I hope you have a good day today, anon.
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How does a department with funding like that not
organize things better

how long until you become dr anon?

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Happy 100 years of independence to Poland! After 123 years of forced partitioning, we've now enjoyed 100 years as our own country. Good fortune and pierogi will come to you if you comment "Sto Lat" today.
Сто лет!
Poland, you are the only good thing to come out of WWI. Gibs kolbasa pls!
CTo neT!
Brother may I have some pierogis

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I ran the marathon today
where my fellow runner howlers at
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I think that's full marathon in 3hr 54min
I could be mistaken, though, I'm not a runner so idk what a plausible time range is
that makes more sense lmao
the fastest marathons are just over 2 hours, qualifying for boston is 3
My time is alright. For reference I finished just barely in the top 33% at city of oaks and top 40% in my PR race

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Been wanting to try soju for a long time, i have had a lot of people tell me its good, where can a young koreaboo get some around here? Couldnt find it at the abc store but I could just be legally blind
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I had a similar problem when looking for sake and the solution I found was the wine store, maybe that's where soju is, too?
there's plenty of places to buy sake, just go to any """oriental""" grocery store around
you can prob. get soju at the H-mart or something... it is a Korean market after all

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Y'all howlers still going to the Maywood tonight?
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I was invited to a math-rock concert on Sunday but I have to do schoolwork :\
Did you say MATH ROCK???
is it a free show/a not private show?
or at least a cheap show?
no details, sorry
MATH ROCK is GOAT and I would love to be able to go
It's just so hard to find out about shows; I went to a vapor~wave show my first year here out of a VHS shop that was a little north and west of the warehouse district in downtown. That was really kickass and I'm glad scenes like that exist: but I don't think you'll find people talking about it in the street too often