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「Howlerween Meetup!」

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It's that time of year again! When all us absolute geeks dress up like our favorite (or most resembled) characters from our common cultural background of dragon ball z, video games, and internet culture!
In accordance with the season and the complete lack of appreciation most non-Howlers have for DBZ , internet, and vidya costumes (read:cosplay)I propose we have our own costume party !
Let's make merry and get not!wasted together and enjoy our beautiful "community"! I may be able to talk my flatmates into not hating a party at my place, or if there's anyone else who wants to host, that's cool, too!
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I remember on the Colbert Report, one of the guests was discussing different conditions in the womb as potentially causing certain physical characteristics and homosexuality. Notably IIRC left-handedness which occurs at a far higher rate in homosexual men. The main issue that they discussed was the fact that certain groups consider sexuality an "identity" and that they lobby against science which could eliminate that identity; e.g. if scientists discovered a biological cause of Gender Dysphoria, they could treat it medically, thus eliminating trans identity (and a lot of existential suffering, too, but that's unimportant to the LGBT community or their official 'representatives').
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is the anon who had homemade mead going to this gathering? i have made some homemade cider (but havent tried it yet)

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Where the hell is a good place to eat lunch in quiet on campus? Talley is too damn loud.
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What if you don't have a dorm?
You can take your talley food to the upper floors of Talley. It should be quieter there.
>reading a book while eating
scary, I always feel like I'm gonna hurt my book and my meals usually take 2 hands

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would any anons like to recommend folky love songs for uke/guitar/piano i can learn, thinking of hittin that open mic they emailed us all about
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There's hella SE Asia international students, too. There's another dude in one of my classes that might be Germanic?
And a few Spanish international students I've seen
French, Indian, and SE Asian are just the most common and the ones that are more often seen in groups speaking secret tongues
That's a cute name.
I know right? I love buying kabanosy and sweets from there. The shop owner is really kind and the tea selection is amazing and cheap.

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I don't understand why i cant make friends here. I haf no pproblem making friends in high school. I just want my normie social life back but i cant connect with aybody here. Im so fuckingg lonely just kill me aalread

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#fortune (You will get paint on you while walking through the Free Expression Tunnel)
Pick a time you're not busy. Ideally evenings since classes are daytime, yo.
Pick a place as well
I will then meet you at this place at the designated time
We'll be friends, too. Just you wait. p p p p
The p's are an accident, that's just how I get my words to submit without actually writing more
Also I'm busy this weeknd, weekday hangs are the coolest of fruits
>had to lie to my RA because I didn't want to tell him that I don't have any friends on campus
the loneliness is starting to really get to me. I guess we can do some sort of meetup this week if people are still willing to (I was busy pretty much all last week). I honestly have no clue why I have so much trouble making friends here, it was never really a problem for me in the past.

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I have a date in 10 minutes.
With a friend so if it goes badly, it's awkward
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Dear Cassanovanon. Parkinson's Bro here. Bad jokes and a subtle snarky bio got me half a dozen matches and two dates.
So again, Big McThankies from McSpankie's
good job!
and even if the dates don't go well, keep trying
I scored a date last night at the last minute and she wants a second date for friday
Image 1539699438843.jpg (30 KB, 229x293)
lol jk I'm giving up on women until I level up into silver fox mode
>pic related, me circa 2045
I realised I was being strung along by my abnormally high libido was settling for less than I deserve
And then that I'll deserve more as I keep exercising and building myself up. The fact that male and female value is so incongruent (resources v. youth respectively) means there's literally no incentive for trying for a relationship ATM. I'll wait till after I'm out of school, /fit/, and generally more focused.

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「General Complaints」

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Where are the good food vending machines
Just put something on Centennial campus that isn't the Oval
I don't want to have to drive anywhere to get good food
Even a cup-ramen machine would be okay

Also general campus complaints
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>old losers on campus
today's open house; not parent's day, though you get the same proportion of people on-campus who don't know what's going on
It's endearing though; I stayed in one of the labs on Centennial and told people about the EE / CPE program we have

shit was cash
Image 1539458851479.png (149 KB, 400x300)
Ok, but every single weeknd isn't open house, yet at least one day a week is some stupid event for boomers. (when did we start calling x-ers and millennials boomers?).
What is wrong with Rallee's water supply? I can't even make unsweet tea in a triply-cleaned jug without getting mold in it within 3 days. It should take about a full week for that to happen to sweet tea and maybe even 2x as long for unsweet. Seriously wtf?
>>8760 I feel your pain OP i just want some decent food options on centennial :(

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i have no print funds but if any of you wanna print this and post it that'd be helpful and also make me happy
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Anything for a fellow Howler <3
I put up some others, but I think only 1 other is still surviving. The weather recently has been hard on posters. Also I should use more tape next time.
Image 1539285209009.png (107 KB, 831x574)
Every outdoor poster probably needs to be replaced after today, that was one hell of a wind/rainstorm :s

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Cosplay/Halloween Ideas
I need help, /ncsu/, what should I cosplay? I need to start buying things ASAP if I want to have something decent by the 31st. So far I've got:
>Ouran High School Host club (any character, I have a baby-blue blazer, but I've done this cosplay already)
>Young Joseph Joestar (I'm about part 5 /fit/ w/out the perfect abs)
>Gene Starwind (getting old, I doubt even weebs will understand the reference)
>Aleph from SMT2 (but I'd feel disingenuous since I haven't finished the game)
>Snake (would be an excuse to buy a gun and get a concealed carry license, but of course, money)
The last actually --wait, no, I've done a few cool ones. I did the Demi-fiend which was pretty decent, but annoying because body paint can get on stuff/smudge, the invisible man (which was hot as balls), and Rintarou Okabe complete with lab coat and Dr. Pepper.

What are y'all howlan boys gonna do for Halloween?
BTW personally, I wanna spend as little money as possible on my costume. For young JOJO, I just need the scarf (~$20) a blank tank, some blue jeans (which I need to buy anyway), and costume boots. For Gene, I'd need to do something for the gloves, belts, & boots, plus makeup for the tatoo and scars. Aleph could be easy if not for the shades.
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>>8732 cute; looks like it'll turn out nicely
I hope OP found something too
Kawaii as fuck. I wanna die
I didn't, but this weeknd I'll see about finding some grey garbage at a thrift store.

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「Banner Contest」

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Hello again /ncsu/. Sysop here with an important announcement:
Have you ever wanted to be Internet famous? Do you want your legacy to outlive even you?

Here's your chance: howler is holding a banner contest in preperation for some big changes on the horizon and I'm not just talking about my steadily increasing power bill hosting all these servers in my apartment
Here are the rules:

+ .gif format
+ 256 color maximum
+ 380x150 resolution
+ Hardly has to be relevant; just make it fun!
+ Doesn't even need the name of the website in there
+ Doesn't need to be animated
+ Submit in this thread!

Banners go at the top of the site; we only have one banner right now, but that'll change soon... get creative, anon!
I look forward to our new banners!
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Image 1539058434093.gif (16 KB, 380x150)
Image 1539149958296.gif (531 KB, 380x150)
whats popping
Image 1539153646665.jpg (636 KB, 1056x816)
>>8729 haha WOW

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What The Fuck Is This
Probably dead. All the clubs on campus are.
it's an a nime club in disguise