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When will Yumi-dono (PBUH) allow for pdfs? I wanna share my losing entry into the short story contest.

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Hello welcome to HOWLER the NC State IMAGEboard where we post IMAGES; I will host PDFs for you if you want (or you could host them yourself...) but I cannot allow the sanctity of IMAGEboards to be tainted by allowing the posting of anything other than IMAGES IMAGES THANK YOU HAVE A NICE DAY

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love you~ sumimasen. have an image.

>please help me set up my server again...
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PDFs are images, change my mind.

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what is portable document format

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relevant information to all concerned

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>baptist is the only one not capitalized

As it should be

What better way to port and protect a document than to store it as an image? It's an image in the same way a printed page is, it's a snapshot of a document somewhere, sealed away from the effects of time and editors much like a screenshot is.
I swear I'm not high, I'm natural-born retarded

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On the kind of shitty browser-based pdf viewers that Wangblows users have, some things actually /don't/ display the same. Other pdfs actually are just bitmap images.

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