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253434 No.9950  

It's that time of year bois

Are you going?
Who are you going with?
What's your Fair plans?

I try to go every year. This year I'm going with a 2-3 classmates this Saturday. Personally I hate rollercoasters but I'll ride at least one. Mostly there to eat a bunch of junk food.

>> No.9952  

I'm gonna go with a cute girl then go again with some dirty men. I'm always most attracted to the spectacle of it all, the chaotic noise that is its existence.

>> No.9953  

not going because tickets are money, and money is something I'd rather spend on other things. Not to mention all I remember of the fair is booths where you also need money in order to purchase yet more stuff. Seems a little weird to me!

>> No.9958  
File: 1571174514569.jpg -(95169 B, 800x583) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

why I don't have satellite tv in a nutshell

>pay for the opportunity to have ads

or in this case

>pay for the opportunity to pay

like literally the most american thang evar.

>> No.9959  
File: 1571178369660.jpg -(555252 B, 1536x2048) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I go basically every year, but no date picked out yet this year. I like to do the canned food day for cheaper tickets.

I'm gonna get to go this year with a very cute boy that I love :3

Fellow no-coaster here. I love roller coasters but the fair is too pricey for how shit it is, but I do go on the ferris wheel usually. I like the food and seeing what shit the kiddos drew in their art class. Once saw some yume nikki fanart from a middle schooler, I wish my taste was that patrician back then.

>> No.9960  

that your yume nikki?

>> No.9963  

Lots of cool displays of produce, livestock, and art if you're into those sorts of things. Also some shitty live music.

>tfw smuggling booze into the fairground is practically impossible
>> No.9964  

Nice nice. Same. For some reason I love crowds and hectic places, also why I love going to Coglins to dance on the weekend.

There's tons of stuff to look at, like Arts and Crafts, Botany, animals, etc. Great for killing time.

I was at the Maryland state fair last month, they sold booze everywhere. I was super jealous. This year I'm just going to get tipsy beforehand.

>> No.9965  

Nah, just one I took a pic of in '16. I don't draw.

>> No.9971  

oh man the agriculture aspect of the fair is the only redeeming quality of it.

>> No.10161  


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