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1295210 No.9916  

Heya, let's talk about careers! What do you do / what do you want to do? This has become more relevant recently, especially as I am graduating college soon. Let's chat!
I wanna make cream as an FPGA engineer while I get my PE licensure, hopefully while staying in the RDU/RTP area for a while.

>> No.9917  
File: 1570905779193.jpg -(228672 B, 1425x1036) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

im mildly ashamed for not having a job for so long. shoulda stayed in phd program and dropped out after getting a job. hopefully ill get one soon. apply early and often, kids!

>> No.9919  
File: 1570917784394.jpg -(1447269 B, 2304x3752) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>hopefully while staying in the RDU/RTP area for a while

I feel bad for you, son. I also unfortunately hafta stay in NC for at least a year to get the teacher certification that I probly won't use for the majority of my life.
Gonna study Russkie, JS, and C#, and shoot for both teaching and managing codemonkeys and hope that my gf won't be my breadwinner.

>> No.9920  

NC is great, there are so many worse places in our country

After I get my PhD/fail out of graduate school, I'm going to teach at a 2-year/4-year college. I want to do so in RDU, but I'm willing to move elsewhere in NC. The big worry (and great possibility) is that there's no availabilities in NC and I have to go elsewhere. There's not many states I'd live other than NC though, so could get shitty.

>> No.9921  


>there are so many worse places in our country

This is what I meant brother. I feel like I may never get to leave this shithole country.

>> No.9922  
File: 1571004090664.jpg -(263527 B, 1024x668) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

oh god, career is honestly a frustrating thing because I have some major moral qualms about the nature of industrialized agriculture. If I focus on ecology within my major I suppose I could find good work in agroecology, but that's much less reliable than focusing on conventional agricultural techniques. I definitely don't want to stay in academic research, and I want to move to Europe. It's hard to envision myself doing something specific, but I think I'll be okay in any case. I have a passion for developing resilient biological systems, but how do I even start addressing that now?

>> No.9923  

checked. learn about permaculture my man.

>> No.9924  
File: 1571055342819.png -(281802 B, 554x714) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

oh yeah man, permaculture has been on my mind (and in my garden) for years. I'm concerned about a career however, and don't want to rely on local gov funds being directed towards what comes across as hippy shit. I could focus in on notill methodologies and market myself as an expert in that for the sake of making it in Europe, but I'm not sure how well that would go, given that Europe is decades ahead technologically.
Another approach would be to learn more about mycology and see if that lands me anywhere neat.

>> No.9926  

Down with the shame,// Down with the shame.
It's a hard life out there. After I escaped it took me 8 full months to get an offer. I also went full tryhard and only applied to jobs I would actually enjoy, which I encourage if you have the means. Don't give up/sell out until you have to. Working a job in the meantime is a gold star on your application, though, bc a lot of employers are concerned about the risks of first hires as working life is so dissimilar to college life. Keep it up and feel not the shame, you have done nothing wrong are not wrong of yourself, job shit is just hard.


>major moral qualms about applications of field

Big ol' SAME. Idk how much there is that you don't find morally offensive, but (as stated above) I only applied to stuff I liked/was cool with and decided I'd only sell out to the stuff I was opposed to if there was truly no other option. Be always creative in avoiding selling out. Also: checked.

>> No.9929  

checking dubs here

>>9929 get

>> No.9930  
File: 1571068970871.jpg -(63963 B, 540x570) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

what field are you in? I think I'll be able to survive, there's a growing market for organic produce and animal products that I can get behind, but generally speaking the engineer role is needed most in the kind of ag that I hate. It's a shame, too-- the one professor I can probably convince to accept me for grad school as her underling is conventional ag to the core. I think things would be a little easier in europe since regulations are so much tighter,but then again regulations are often poorly written and disasters still occur, because the underlying issue of human hubris has yet to be addressed.

>> No.9931  


>worry i'm unemployable and will never get a job
>be hired for software job and take a semester off to work
>be so lost that i never do any work and just shitpost while on the clock
>realize i really am unemployable

i hate working here so much. I've successfully taken my one (1) plan for my future of "get a software job" and realized that i'm too inept to do something Ive been preparing for my entire life.

Might try research though I guess, there's no way that could turn out bad too, r-right?

>> No.9934  

Yeah, the eternal bending for Big Pig in NC is pretty disgust considering the borderline lack of required mitigation of the horrors of pork farming (lookin at you, hog lagoons). Corporate capture makes me want to kill. I'm an emissary of the beautiful science, Statistics. It's really easy in the triangle to just sell out and feed big pharma (esp with the high salaries), but a sense of justice prevents me from existing for the sole purpose of expanding big profit margins. Business analytics in general seem so lame since all you get out of it at the end of the day is returns for shareholders unless it's a small enough company that you're actually affecting it's ability to survive.

It can really depend on what you're working on. If they had you on something you weren't ready for, that's definitely an issue. Similarly it's an issue if your manager/whatever can't communicate what is needed clearly enough for you to know what to do. You're probably not unemployable, just not a good fit there. Either way, I feel like graduating and suddenly being Highly Capable is a pretty big myth. The value in something like programming where it's not always (read: ever) something you've seen before is just knowing how to start/figure it out so just return to basics, figure out how to make progress and remember progress is the goal. If you still can't jive with that project, talk to your manager about maybe going to something else.

>> No.9936  

I just dont think i have the work ethic to figure out stuff on my own yet. Everything in this office and codebase is tribal knowledge and it seems the other new people were able to pick it up really well for some reason. Other companies might be better but the stuff they want me to do seems to be only doable by basically asking like 3 or 4 different people how to do every single step with exact detail with no way for me to figure it out myself

>> No.9939  



That's the spirit!
In terms of needing to ask 3 or 4 people every line, that's also part of starting out. Are you sure the other new people didn't do that? And what about relevant backgrounds? As tribal as it may seem, there are so many places re-inventing the same shitty wheel that it may not have been as foreign to them. (I'm the only person in my field here and I wish I had a senpai or two to discuss things with)
Pro tip: if the other new people already have the hang of it, ask them for help if you're worried about bothering your senpais.
Pushing Howlerween is practically a meme at this point, but we have quite a number of code-boys around, so if you wanna commiserate you can always come around. Other people's perspectives are a great way to remind yourself you're not crazy or mysteriously incompetent.

>> No.9940  

I'm CSC and so is everyone else (well, some ECE). I know that asking people is what I'm supposed to do and it's what they did too, but I've been here for way too long at this point and I feel like it's too late for me. I'll be leaving in december anyways so it doesn't matter.

Also Howlerween? I'm gonna be pissed if i miss yet another chance to go to a howler meetup because i already have plans to go trick or treating with some friends. I still haven't been able to go to any

>> No.9941  

I'll hang with you if you scream Awooo~ in the withers lobby at 10:40 on Wednesday

>> No.9942  


I'll make sure to take a day off work to do that

>> No.9943  

Are you trick-or-treating on Halloween night? The party will either be the Saturday night before or after

>> No.9944  

I'll hang out with you if you set a date, we can get lunch or sth as one wagey to another.

>> No.9946  

That's good to hear, I wouldn't necessarily go on the 26th because of an as yet unplanned event with coworkers (but tbh i might ditch it for howlerween even though I was one of the main campaigners for the event itself lol). I'll keep my fingers crossed for the saturday after and hope costumes are encouraged.

Maybe we could get an on campus dinner or do something on the weekend, I'm bad at planning things super far in advance because I just forget about them or end up double booking something else

>> No.9947  


>hope costumes are encouraged

They're borderline required. It was definitely a costume party last year and I think there was some vague threatening (by me?) to be disappointed in anyone who had a non-costume like "depressed college student".

I'm pretty down for w/e. Weekdays tend to work more consistently for me thanks to a mild dose of LDR. Dinner, lunch, coffee, booze (21?), w/e works with your schedule. On or near campus works well for me. I'm a fairly spur of the moment guy, so in general if you give me enough notice to be sure I'll see it in time, we could do whenever. If you wanna fix a date and try hard to remember/not re-book it (both things I struggle with sometimes as well), that's chill, too.
As a way to put something solid fwd so you don't feel impressed upon by the Big Ball showing up in your court unannounced (I have a friend who hates it when my answer is "Whenever works for me"/"Whatever you wanna do" and I figure he's not the only such person who exists), I propose tomorrow (10/16) after wage-hours (6ish?) eatin some Atrium. It's been a minute and a half since I last ate CFA and a minute since I had a milkshake. If that's too short a turnaround, we can do more exploratory posting.

>> No.9948  

I got a thing tomorrow night, and usually don't get back till after 6 anyways because I-40 is impossible. How about Thursday? To be honest I don't think I've had any atrium all this semester because of work so that might be nice.

>> No.9951  

I think I've already sold my Thursday and my Friday dinner is currently promised to a couple of other Howlers, though I can see if they want to come if you don't mind a small mob.

If you don't wanna get mobbed I could do tonight or Monday just as easily

>> No.9956  

I'm great with mobs. In fact, I'm significantly more interesting and not cancerously awkward when I'm in a group.

>> No.9961  

It's a date then, chu~
We'll go with as close to 6pm as you can manage, I don't mind a wait and 1 guy has a 7pm deadline so he may start eating before you arrive. I'll update you the day of with what to look for in terms of physical appearance.

Usually accumulation of carcinogens increases the cancer rate, this must be a new type. I'll see you then!

>> No.9970  

Am engineer at Cree. Took me years in the salt mines to get an entry level engineer position because no coop/internship. Do your internships, kids.

>> No.9984  
File: 1571334073562.jpg -(1707547 B, 3264x2448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This sounds like an open invite, Howler gang up in that philly

>> No.9985  

is the dinner thing today or tomorrow?
haven't been posting but I want to come

>> No.9986  

Capital F Friday
See you there, Howlerino!

>> No.9990  

"Entry Level" is the worst. The incessant meme about 3 yrs experience for any entry level position is actually not a meme and is how far too many listings read. Why can't I just start my career, why do I need to have started my career before I can start my career? And the answer is of course they intend for you to have had a number of internships before you graduate so that you can have experience before you could typically have experience.

Absolutely seconded, do your internships, kiddos, and find someone there that will serve as a positive reference for you.

>> No.10024  

I'll be wearing a green shirt, gray slacks, a red coat (if it's chilly), and some curly-ass hair. I'll wait outside on that low wall to make myself more obvious/easy to find. I'll try to get there as close to 6:00 as I can (warning: I'm notorious for my tardiness) and ready myself to wait. I'll probably read a book or play silly phone games. I look forward to hanging out!

>> No.10032  

That wasn't fun let's do it again sometime

>> No.10033  

I see in my phone-posting stupor I successfully failed to proofread and ensure that Autofuck didn't twist my word
It WAS fun, no matter what I say

>> No.10034  

I agree anon, horrible night, would love to have some more fun like it again.

>> No.10114  


>> No.10165  


>> No.10459  
File: 1580436870032.png -(56278 B, 400x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

OP here: nobody wants to hire me this early in to the year (read: businesses and governments want you to work immediately, not in 4 months), nor did anyone want to hire me as a part-time developer this semester; I've been really pushing hard and tailoring my CV to these FPGA jobs, I just don't know what the problem is... nobody seems to get back to me (and if they do, they're for software jobs eww eww eww)... here's to being an FPGA engineer / PE someday! Gotta dream big sometimes
I'm keeping up with my personal goals (i.e. music, language, exercise) though; at least I'm happy and healthy and safe TYBG!

>> No.10460  

A few months later and I've decided to drop out of my PhD lol
I've been applying for lecturer positions at community colleges. I've done one phone interview and I have another on Monday.

>> No.10462  

What made your decision? As a future PhD hopeful, your insights could very well save me

>> No.10463  

Not him but get this. Grad school is so bad that the only remotely pleasing part is the TAship

>> No.10464  
File: 1580569102377.jpg -(87083 B, 960x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

dir*c here: nuclear engineering grad school was the worst decision of my life and i hated every minute of it. only redeeming quality was being a TA. i seriously wish i picked a different major or school.

unable to get a relevant job after graduating, even in the area of my research. currently in EE grad school somewhere else with an advisor that meets me more than once every 2 months.

>> No.10465  

Most of my life I wanted to teach college math. I didn't really like or was interested in research, but thought I could hack it.

Fact is I had a really hard time motivating myself to do it. Also got unlucky in the sense that me and my advisor were a really bad fit, but neither of us did anything about it until the beginning of this year (my 4th year). He dropped me, I found another advisor, but by that point was burnt out and mentally done. My new one told me I would have an extra 1-2 years unfunded because of my late change.

I actually finalized my decision the day after the howler New Years party. Talking with everyone graduating/about to graduate and searching for jobs, reminded me that there is so much more to life than graduate limbo.

>> No.10466  

Go to career services. My counselor helped me a lot. She told me

>you have great skills (communication, attention to detail, &c.)
>you can definitely use your job experience in ways you didn't think of before
>GoinGlobal through epack has int'l jobs and country-specific CV guides
>with a master's go ahead and apply for positions listing 3-5 years experience
>why the hell would you want to sit behind a desk answering calls all day
>if finding a partner and having children is important to you, consider that when applying
>don't apply to anything until you've shown me your CV
>LaTeX CVs are a meme
>> No.10467  


>LaTeX CVs are a meme


>> No.10483  


>> No.10491  

Currently in a hotel the night before an interview.

I had a pre-interview dinner with two of the faculty. It went well but I'm nervous for tomorrow. Also bored, it's too early to sleep.

>> No.10492  
File: 1581986988188.jpg -(26063 B, 480x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


did you win?

>> No.10493  

On the drive home, not even an hour away, I got an offer letter

The offer was slightly below expected but I really want this job. I'm not sure what to do next. I want to ask for a phone call and try to negotiate, but based on the public salaries I can really only ask for $1,000-3,000 more. And calling and making a fuss about such a small amount seems strange. I heard some horror stories about offers being rescinded.

Lecturer positions usually have non-negotiable salaries but I set an internal number for myself. Plus they gave me a week deadline. So now I'm fretting about this pretty hard. I have no experience and I don't know what to do. For reference, a $2,000 increase would be a 4.7% raise.

>> No.10494  

I asked for more (at a uni position) and it went well. I don't think rescinding offers because of negotiation is very common at all.

>> No.10501  

They refused to negotiate but told me all recent positions are offered a standard letter. I accepted the job - will be moving to South Carolina around June. Be on the look out for a party thread soon.

>> No.10502  


good job sir

>> No.10508  

Marine Corps, maybe MARSOC or Force Recon if I can make the cut, then the French Foreign Legion or go to airline pilot school. Definitely low QOL in the Legion but ever since I read Appel and 5 Years in the Legion I've been in love with the romance of living hard in Corsica and jumping out of planes every week with a bunch of international psychos.

>> No.10509  
File: 1583564284458.png -(1059311 B, 1414x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

hello thread
this seems interesting if not a little overwhelming; I'd considered joining the army as an engineer at some point before I realized I didn't want to be a lethality engineer
nice nice nice

>> No.10510  

Gee I wonder who this could be

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