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285961 No.9813  

tfw NCSU has a deal with Dell so the thinkpad flow at surplus is gonna dry up
Where do I turn to for cheap laptops now? I'm planning on visiting UNC surplus next week.

>> No.9814  

lenovo is dead

>> No.9815  


If you're looking for Windows laptops, Lenovo is probably best (cheap) option. If you don't care about money or want a ton of performance, go Acer or Alienware.

The Surface was a fucking mistake, don't buy hardware from a software company. Mine is two years old and has a line of dead pixels.

>> No.9816  
File: 1569763815084.jpg -(120002 B, 960x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


i and 3 of my siblings all have surfaces that have been operational for a few yrs without ded pixels

my only real complaint is battery life + not enough USB ports + doesnt sit well on an actual lap.

>> No.9818  
File: 1569781084308.png -(101092 B, 250x283) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

my last purchase was an x220 for 20$, why on earth would I care about the absolute state of the yoga pro or whatever hybrid ipad-with-extra-steps they're trying to market?


>a ton of performance

colorful lights on your keyboard don't count towards performance.
Also, imagine wanting a high performance laptop when you can just build your own PC like an adult.

>> No.9819  


>windows laptops
>lenovo is the best

Microsoft does not make laptops and Lenovo is not their subsidiary. Windows is a (shitty) "operating" system, that is

  1. proprietary
  2. feature-less
  3. minimally customizable
  4. some crazy amount of money

Literally what the in the fuck are you trying to say, friendo?

>> No.9905  

Windows has way way way more features than any nix equivalent

>> No.9906  

bait/10 and categorically false

>> No.9907  


> categorically false

Nix has nothing as featureful as the .NET framework; your misplaced anger shows that you don't know much about Windows architecture.

>> No.9908  


>featureful as .NET

Being the standard for shovelware and botmet is a feature. That's why every supercomputer and net server uses windows rite?

Also Hitchen's razor etc.

>> No.9909  

Good thing dirac moved before the first south Asian howler showed up.

>> No.9910  

not relevant but I just thought this was theost approp. thread:

>> No.9918  

[samplefile boilerplate]
% Type paper here :)


>> No.9927  

Thank you for successfully highlighting why I use LaTeX. If you take a look at Table 3 and make your way down to c. Equation Text you'll see LaTeX outperforming by a wide margin on all but grammar/orthography (which is fixed easily in review anyway).
As the paper says "..our results show that no reasons exist to use LaTeX for documents that do not contain complex mathematical formula." I'll always prefer LaTeX thanks to its marvelous equation editing. I've never gotten very super-usery with LaTeX but jfc did it make my life easier in grad school since my handwriting is trash. I also won't get to use it because the people who don't use complex equations (AKA everyone I work with) have no motivation.

>> No.9928  

Forgot to add:

>...no reasons exist...

They forget things like:
-Proprietary software is expensive and annoying and issues/bugs often just can't be resolved
-Being able to fully control the produced document is amazing (but not necessary for publishing as the journal will do it how they want anyway)
-Makes your brain feel nice

>> No.9932  
File: 1571071910805.jpg -(1931116 B, 4608x2592) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>no reasons exist to use LaTeX for documents that do not contain complex mathematical formula

As THAT freetard in CHASS, I feel super called out. Use templates!

>> No.9937  

I absolutely agree that they're wrong about NO reasons existing as they're using slave mentality to determine there's no reason. The "no reason" is that it doesn't increase productivity and instead slowed it down in their study. Productivity has been steadily increasing anyway with no similar increase in wages, so the eternal push toward HYPER EFFICIENCY is meaningless unless you're the owner-class or get more upset the longer you do something. The enjoyment of the laborer is literally relevant and (if you need a cold-blooded reason to care about the happiness of others) will likely increase productivity longterm. There's def not a /need/ to use LaTeX when you're just some CHASShole, but anyone who likes it better should do it that way imo. Word requires the death of the user and sometimes I ain't finna die.

>> No.9973  
File: 1571247974734.jpg -(96695 B, 2000x1125) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


hello, you are "the microsoft"? yes, this is dirac. what? you want me to run windows event viewer? WOW that sure is a lot of errors! i will send an amazon gift card # right away!

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