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Went to Tazza Kitchen Cameron Village on Wednesday - bougie as fuck interior, everything looked nice. 25% of the main course menu are tacos so I figured they would be their specialty. Some of the worst tacos I've had

On the other hand, I tried out Armadillo Grill on Monday. Their tacos were pretty damn good.

Thanks for reading my food blog

>> No.9780  

Taqueria el toro has ruined every other taco joint for me

>> No.9782  

Why even bother anywhere else.
I just order something else so I don't have to dream of the taco it could've been

>> No.9798  

what is the best place of Hboro street?

>> No.9799  

I am a big fan of NY Pizza because it's both affordable and reasonably tasty. I'm also a big fan of Sushi Tsune, which still qualifies as Hboro food but it's pretty out of the way fam.
As a side note I'm really sad that crepe place shut down-- having a nutella crepe is major nostalgia fuel for me. If anything, now I get to save money by making them myself.

>> No.9800  

Every place I've been to on (or right next to) Hillsborough street, East to West

Taverna Agora: Bougie as fuck Greek place. Went on a second date there and infamously was unable to pay for both of us and apologized, last time I saw her. Food was really good.

Flying Saucer: Known for their beer selection, has a good range of food items. Also across the street from my favorite dive bar, The Ugly Monkey

Char Grill and Snoopy's: Both pretty similar grub. Not a big fan of either but Char Grill has some damn good milkshakes.

Raleigh French Bakery: I've been twice and got food poisoning both times. Never again

David's Dumpling and Noodle Bar: This place has some really good noodles. In the triangle, my third favorite after Tonbo Ramen and Dashi. May be out of student budget

Player's Retreat: Typical bar grub. Good burgers and not very expensive.

Gonza Tacos y Tequila: I am not a big fan of the tacos here. They weren't awful but they're too much for what they are. Great tequila selection tho.

Coco Bongo: Shitty texmex place. The only day I would ever consider this place is Tuesday, when they have dollar soft tacos and tecates on sale. Then I'll eat half a dozen of them.

Mitch's Tavern: The classic hangout spot. Definitely my favorite place on Hillsborough street to be. Best Cuban in town, good drink specials.

Jasmin: Pretty good Mediterranean fare. I usually get the Chicken Zaki. There are actually two locations of Hillsborough: right next to Mitch's and across from Meredith.

Brickhouse: Sports bar with some decent burgers, getting a bit out there and might not be worth the trouble if you don't have a car.

Neomonde: More Mediterranean food, this one also counter service. I've only been once and it was a long time ago, but I remember being fond of the food.

So my top 3 would be: Mitch's, Jasmin, Flying Saucer
The only places I would anti-recommend are Raleigh French Bakery, Gonza, and Coco Bongo (non-Tuesday).

>> No.9802  

There's so much good food in Hillsborough its wild. People have already said Mitch's and Slice of New York which are some of my favorites, but just a couple blocks further west there's Sushi Tsune, which has REALLY good Japanese food.

>> No.9806  
>Reuben and fries only served after 5pm

Literally kill god.

>> No.9807  

I thought hangover grill closed. Is it opening again?

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