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Hey /ncsu/
I wanna DJ a house party before uni starts back up but I have no house to throw it at. Nor can I rent a warehouse in time. I live in an apartment and I don't want to catch a noise complaint. If you know anybody who lives in a house and/or wants to throw a party direct them here. I have all the equipment. kthnx looking forward to it

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File: 1565165733721.jpg -(923549 B, 2561x3300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Okay soo, I'm still looking for a place to host: obv. I still don't want to do this at my flat. I've been cutting the set this week and I've got about 3 hours of music laid out; made this poster just so you get the feel of it.

Anyway I want to have it on Fri. 8.16.2019 (7~11PM), if you've got somewhere to host the let me know! Otherwise I'll look on /r/raleigh or something... and if nothing really comes of it I'll (reluctantly) host it at my apartment. It's just that we'll have to turn the sound down.

Tell me if you're down to come, too, that'll help me gauge where we should gather.

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thats a really nice poster. i hope you didnt blow this year's server budget on producing it <3

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Wish you coulda gotten a place on the ground floor. We coulda moved the show up an hour or two and gotten away with bouncing around at 「 М А Х 」 volume.

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If I can't get a house / backyard for Halloween I'm not gonna play a set; I've already decided not to do any more music in between now and then and if I can't find a space in which we can enjoy music openly and w/o the constraints of playing in a shared space then it's not worth it in my book.

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Shakespeare hardly knew tragedy thus. We must hunt a house lest we suffer this terrible fate.

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