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Have any of you ever got counseling at Health Services? Thought about going myself but I wanna hear someone vouch for it first.

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i have, its a good place to go to. i went for about 2 years actually. whatre you there for?

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this is not meant to dissuade you from using their resources anon, but I will say my experiences there have been less than stellar. I've found them all too quick to diagnose and medicate me. I'd come in requesting therapy and invariably they'd try to strongarm me into seeing a psychiatrist. I went there to seek help 3 times before I finally gave up and accepted an appointment with their psych, who promptly wrote me a prescription. Thankfully I'd already done my research regarding what options were out there for my situation, so I was able to at least direct him towards a prescription choice that wouldn't dampen my cognitive abilities too much. I've been off that medication for about months now and have improved drastically thanks to lifestyle changes to the point that I do not have any symptoms, so I'm not really convinced that his assessment of my situation was correct given that the disorder I supposedly have is incurable.
I'm of the opinion that the mental health industry in the United States is much too prompt in providing people with pharmaceutical solutions. With this in mind, if you walk in informed and assertive there's a lot you can get from the center. If you already have an idea of what's going on, great--but I sincerely doubt that a doctor can figure your psyche out in twenty minutes and copy of the DSM-5.

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oh ya. to add, make sure you get an actual therapist you can talk to for an hour
is correct. pharma is gay and lifting like a greek will set you free

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Talked to an awkward jew who said I wasn't autistic. Made me feel better just talking about stuff.

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auspiciously checked

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