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107998 No.9629  

Anyone want a free dryer? I have a dryer but now I also have a better dryer

>> No.9630  

Dry her? I was trying to make her wet!

>> No.9633  

is it running?

>> No.9636  

Not at the moment, my clothes are still in the washer. When it is running, though, it can be pretty difficult to catch. It's a slippery devil alright and it's got plenty of mass to harrass

>> No.9640  

i hav been using the same ~$10 drying rack (drirac L00L) for the past 5 years. you are being tricked by appliance companies into buying / maintaining an additional appliance.

>> No.9641  

Joke's on you, I have neither maintained nor paid for either of my dryers! I'm on that secondhandmedown life

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