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95666 No.9615  

What's /ncsu/ up to this summer? I hope you're not one of the poor souls taking summer classes.

I'm going to live in the Berkeley area this summer! I look forward to spending time in a state that's not hot during the summer.

>> No.9618  

Hi Yumi! Have a good summer.

>> No.9643  

lol when's the next meetup? we've only got one more year of meetups n e way; I'm sure we'll have a big back-to-school bash!

>> No.9644  

Literally baking back at home. Mom refuses to turn on the air conditioning and its 92 degrees up in this place.

>> No.9650  

taking a mathematics course and not enjoying it. Calculus is tough for me, but at least I get to spend time with friends while I rip my hair out over it.
I'm also working as a student worker for a fun little project in ag. I really like my PI, so I hope I get to collaborate with her on future projects~

>> No.9652  

lmao just turn the lights off nigga like how can heat be real if ur not moving like stop generating heat through metabolism you idiot hahaha look at this idiot moving around in the house during the summer

>> No.9653  

open a window and run a fan nigga. That's how we do in mother country not retrofitted with ac

>> No.9654  

bay area status report: hot hot hot fuck fuck fuck! this house doesn't have AC (but it does have heating), my entire existence is fire.

>> No.9656  

What are you baking?
I wish I could bake more often, but my oven runs way too hot and the maintenance people don't understand me

>> No.9661  
File: 1560587318437.gif -(175221 B, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This coming friday is my last day off; I wish I could start earlier but

> government

paperwork and all that shit. I'm aggresively applying for part-times in the mean-time, I'm gonna get a job washing dishes on Saturdays / Sundays 'cause I have absolutely nothing else going on. Well except next weekend. But after that absolutely nothing else. Lo~ng~ ~Su~mm~er~
hm; good luck!

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