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8975 No.9613  
>get to college
>nervous but optimistic
>ready to meet new people and have FRIENDSHIP
>don't fit in anywhere
>don't get along with roommate
>don't like anyone at all
>begin drinking, become very reserved
>fill the void with shitposting on imageboards and alcohol
>after freshman year, begin living by myself
>develop serious drinking problem, always drinking alone
>eventually loneliness, depression, and always being drunk keep me from going to class after a few years of isolation
>begin failing
>drop out
>one day browsing github for imageboard and textboard software, because I've always liked these kinds of communities
>come across RAL
>notice dev is from state
>find that interesting, small world I suppose
>keep researching
>find this place

really wish I had found this earlier, you guys seem like a nice lot. might have saved me. too late now, though.

good luck on your classes (not really the hard part) and all the social bullshit (the actual hard part)

>> No.9614  
File: 1558923039308.jpg -(64200 B, 722x349) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


god is behind every blade of grass and every unturned rock my friend, one just has to look.

>> No.9617  

It's never too late, not even once you've given up. You can always un-give up, you just have to get the motivation. Attend AA, get a shitty job with cool people, go back to college as a mini-Boomer, whatever it is that you wanna do.

>> No.9619  

They don't get it, do they brother?

>> No.9620  

We ruin our own lives, my friend

>> No.9626  
File: 1559525609259.jpg -(103414 B, 512x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>be anon
>attend NCSU
>doesn't chat with the weirdos with anime stickers
>doesn't see the howler.space posters
>never chatted with random classmate about best girl from NGE (which is Misato, obv.)
>instead finds this site from RAL

Truly this is the clown world. Kanye 2024!

>captcha ye


>> No.9627  
File: 1559540110789.jpg -(210000 B, 942x1220) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


> doesn't chat with the weirdos with anime stickers

honestly this is a safe bet, just remember that not all people w/ anime stickers are weirdos ^-<
and if you're still around next sememster I'd like to chill with you anon! We party a lot~ and it won't be stopping next year!
still in the 919?

>> No.9637  
File: 1559749935426.png -(85832 B, 250x280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>still in the 919?

hell no

you guys have fun I guess, or try to anyway


>> No.9639  

just come back n hang lmao
lets get jiggy and boogy all night
captcha: unise ;)

>> No.9662  

I might be back around the area in like, several months.

There's no guarantee there'd be a meetup. Even if there was, there's no guarantee you'd like my company. I don't like my company so why should you?

>> No.9663  
File: 1560697047415.jpg -(58411 B, 348x275) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

If there's a meetup around then, you can come and hang out as much as you want, leave as much as you want, etc
People often say that fortune favors the bold, but this is a misunderstanding. Fortune favors repeition, the bold simply try more often.

>> No.10126  


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