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2053453 No.9592  

Party at Yumi's place tonight (address in some other post) and Yumi's not invited!
Time is a little flex cuz I'm helping my brother move, but get hype at like 9?

>> No.9593  

uhm unless you've got keys idk if I'll even be there to open the door :3

>> No.9594  

That's why you're not invited! If you were gonna be there I'd have invited you, but SOMEONE left already
I've got all the keys I need

>> No.9595  

SOMEONE hasn't left already! where's your tripcode btw
I might be able to bring everyone's favorite vodka in a plastic bottle and some friends but tbh I was planning on going downtown (only if some friends wanna go w/ us).. but we can adjust!

>> No.9596  
File: 1557539040595.jpg -(138974 B, 1024x1004) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Is this your first time posting on an imageboard?

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