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182563 No.9581  

Well the school year is now over and I didn't make a single friend.

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why not?

>> No.9585  

I was too scared to talk to people and I felt totally uncomfortable in every social situation I was in

>> No.9586  
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This is what howler parties are for! We're all uncomfortable weirdos (with the odd naturally comfortable weirdo) that become comfortable when we're together! Come to the next howler party and talk about anime, philosophy, politics (no global rules IRL!), vidya, or just about anything else and someone will reciprocate. We're a friendly lot and often call upon the ancient power of Booze for its social lubrication power because Booze knows we all need it sometimes

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File: 1558738003234.jpg -(126175 B, 706x585) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

same but it doesn't really bother me. I'll find my crowd eventually and there's no sense in trying to force friendships with people I don't really get along with anyway. Hang in there fellow lonely anon and remember to keep pushing forward.

>> No.9672  

friends - are fake

>> No.9690  

My take is that friends are fantastic but you gotta be aware of when the friendship is ending and accept it. You can't force human relationships of any kind, and if you get good at letting go you get the chance to discover new friendships that are more appropriate for the changing times.

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