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7295 No.9573  
>The take home final is due on Monday at 10am
>There are at least two questions with typos that make them suspiciously unsolvable

Why are professors evil?

>> No.9574  

idk prob. start earlier

>> No.9575  
File: 1557159398077.jpg -(591465 B, 1384x1893) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

graddy boy here. Have <4 (four) hours to finish final paper of 12 pages worth 35% of my grad.
Almost done with page 5...

>> No.9576  

I didn't realize there were professors on here

What if they're meta-questions? Seeing what you do in unwinnable scenarios like that Star Trek thing.

>> No.9577  

Since >>9574 is literally impossible in a pre-time-travel world (a thing which arguably only exists if time travel is impossible), try finding someone who started earlier and read the email they got form the prof.
Also it's too late now for that, too, I guess

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