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48842 No.9548  

i realized i would never be happy, so i stopped trying. ive never been happier.

>> No.9549  

I've gotta try otherwise I'm pretty much nothing...

>> No.9550  

Trying is a bit scary for me as a concept because it implies the possibility of failure. I try to orient myself along "Am I doing Things?"
Because usually my biggest issue is getting started. I hate trying because sometimes it doesn't work, but I try to think of it along the lines of all that matters is what I do. If I sat back and let the world happen to me I wouldn't feel too good about it, and I always feel a lot better when considering my accomplishments, regardless of their actual outcome. Doing stuff, whether that be homework, running, or something else, always helps me reconquer myself and trust in my own skills and determination.

>> No.9551  

should have specified better. i meant stop trying to be happy. but i like the tack of the conversation.

failure is success in its achievement of incorrectness. success is failure in its discrimination.

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