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There's a group of people at this school that I hang out with at club meetings, and I really want to be better friends with them but I just can't. I only ever talk to them at club meetings, and I don't have any of their contact information (except for one), and rarely chime in even when I do hang out with them at club meetings. It's almost been an entire year, and I have gone to every single meeting and I've failed to make any sort of meaningful friendship to any of them. I want to hang out with these people and be an actual friend to them but I just don't know what to do. On top of that, there's a chance that I may transfer to another uni, and I don't want to lose these people, despite the fact that I just don't know them that well. They're the only people who have actually acknowledged my existence since I've been here at state, but despite that I have such a hard time opening up to them.
I'm so pathetic. I'm so incompetent that I don't even know how to talk to people anymore. I dont really deserve tonbe their friend.

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That's not true. I know it's hard, but maybe after a club meeting suggest to all go and get food somewhere. That might help.

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go find someone sitting on a bench on the brickyard and sit down with them like youre just finding a place to sit. read a book or do something on your phone. then after awhile, say hello to them. after/if they say hi, ask them how their day has been so far. if after that you cant think of anything to say, just say "I need to be going now." and leave. please trust me here. i know exactly how you feel, dont count the defeats, count the victories.

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