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137279 No.9366  

Hey fellow anons, I recently decided to order a new keyboard from Amazon (nothing special, just a $50 membrane one) and I was wondering what you dudes and dudettes think about the whole membrane vs mechanical thing? I prefer membrane because I don't like how loud mechanical keyboards are. I know people whose keyboards come through their mic...

>pic related, it's the new keyboard
>> No.9367  
File: 1550625126539.jpg -(804511 B, 3873x1105) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

i use a 2007 mac keyboard that i got at bargain box for like 3 dollars. its pretty quiet and cute.

>> No.9368  

Main motherfucker right here, looking for

>82 keys
>blue switches
>russian caps

Aliexpress has come real close for under 40 us credits.

>> No.9379  
File: 1550786056780.jpg -(179201 B, 1440x810) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is a scissor switch like on old Thinkpads.

>> No.9477  

I don't really care about keyboard quality. I have a cheap one when I game because I end up smashing the keyboard anyways.

>> No.9479  

me again

>shopping cheap 82/84 key boards
>perfect caps, switches, &c
>about to throw my wallet through the computer screen
>fn key in right win key spot
>useless Pn key that could be remapped to fn
>"Only 2nd layer remappable"

I have no rage left for this world

>> No.9500  



Dude for $50 you can get a cheap mechanical and it will be a much better keyboard, albeit with fewer features and pretty lights.

>> No.9514  

>>9500 I could but I prefer a keyboard that just isn't so damn loud

>> No.9517  


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