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26122 No.9208  

I lost some keys on Avent ferry, between varsity and the Mexican restaurant
If anyone happens across them I'll buy you many drinks
I would keep looking for them but my friend started vomiting

>> No.9209  

Keys found, my abandoned car retrieved

>> No.9210  

I'm glad it came out well. Too bad I missed an opportunity for free many drinks, though.

>> No.9211  

I've had enough to drink this new years that I'm glad I didn't find a pair of keys to burden me with more

>> No.9212  

Wanna get together for drinks, my friend?

>> No.9213  

Sure friend; I'd totally be down for drinks with a stranger; I've never heard of an idea that's enticed me more.

Time / place?

>> No.9221  

A tricky proposition. My this-week is much less nice than my next-week. Wanna grab an evenin drink some time in the next-week time?

>> No.9224  

Next week sounds good; I might already know you though so you might not be a stranger...

... and is there any place you had in mind to meet up?

>> No.9231  

That's a matter for deep thought. If in truth we already know each other, you can just come over for dinner.
Else, coco has lit piƱa coladas

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