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Welcome back, /yu/!

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1599344 No.9202  

Hi Howler, long time no see, huh.
I'm curious what ya'll are up to over the break; I'm enjoying my time off from school and responsibility but I'm still keeping uo my motivation to try and learn new things. One of those things is that I'm trying to get myself to take more pictures; I'll post all the cool ones I take over break here so feel free to pitch in your cool ones too!

>> No.9203  

I'm currently staying with my SO while she finishes her last week of work for the year, then I'm heading to my family to hang out for a while. I'm hosting a New Year's party for some friends, too! I'm mostly going to be wondering if I'll have a job in the new year or if I'll need to keep searching.

>> No.9204  

I'm staying with my family over the break and my mom keeps calling me a bum. smh.

>> No.9205  

The worst. I don't get parents who don't get that college is hard/stressful therefore when you come home on break and lay on the couch without moving for a few days it's cuz you're fuckin wiped, not cuz you're a lazy shit

>> No.9206  
File: 1545776202831.jpg -(471601 B, 1365x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Having fun and taking it easy. The mountains are very beautiful, especially this time of year.

While I was on the lift back up I saw a doe that poked its head out of the woods and got really close to the slopes. But it was startled and ran back in.

>> No.9207  

Yo, I could never wear that anywhere outside. For me, I would wear something subtle like an "HH" or a Hen with a Tie on.

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