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Are my fellow howlers down for a Christmas party between finals and the break?

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WDYM? Is that after finals? If so then definitely.

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Who will host it? Stats-kun? BYOChair at my place?

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Stats-kun here, ready to stammer out some probabilistic nonsense for the world to hear!

Yeah, I can totally host. If we wanna do it post-finals that's 100 in my book, I'm also chill with the mid-finals weekend. We gotta figure out when exactly, but if it's gonna be a weekday we'll probably start a little earlier since I have a flatmate with a job.

Also I mentioned before the possibility of a ~f r e e~ secret santa. Basially the rules would be no spending money to acquire the gift, so theft, creativity, and giving of things you already own are all super kosher, however you wanna do it. If you're interested, hmu at the email provided and give a lil blurb about yourself so your santa can give you the best gift possible. If less than 4 people are into it then probably a no-go, but with at least 4 we'll call it greenlit.

>> No.9164  

pleez not on dec 15!

>> No.9177  

Alrighty, Howlers, I come to you with head hung low in deepest shame. I managed to forget the password to the email I made for this and in my infinite, anti-botnet wisdom I decided not to link it to anything (phone, other email, etc.) so anyone who sent anything, it may or may not have gotten through! As penance for this most shameful act, I offer my /literal/ middle school email as a different inbox with allowances made for mocking the name of it.
Hope people are interested, bc I have no idea if you are!

>> No.9190  

so uhhh.....is there going to bee a party?

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File: 1544804013859.png -(99664 B, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Christmas time for all!
Secret Santa looks like it'll be a non-starter (which may be highly related to my fugging the email... lo siento) but non-stop fun will always find a way!

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is hotpot a christmas thing?
what about spirit samurai?

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