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2867636 No.10676  

This is my first post ever and I’d like to honor the last day of howler with it. I remember when I first got to NCSU in 2017 and I saw the howler flyer posted by Dabney. I always wanted to post here but never did. Here’s one in honor of one of the first things I ever noticed on campus.

>> No.10678  

I remember in my freshman year I saw the URL spraypainted in the free expression tunnel.
Sad that it's all ogre now. At least Ralee and /tea/ are still out there.
I can only hope that nothing happens to raamen though. I use that thing from time to time.

>> No.10694  

I'll never find out what raamen was for!

>> No.10704  

user: root
password: day of the week

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