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52867 No.10516  

Report in Howlers
How are the front lines?

Running low on food except alcohol

>> No.10517  

I've hardly been outside in the past few days; only ran to the convencience store to grab a few energy drinks; food is doing well otherwise, honestly all the fresh meats, fruits, vegetables are in stock so I haven't noticed much defecit

My professors have also been slowly getting my HW / tests back to me over the past week so that's nice; can't wait for my e-graduation

>> No.10518  

running low on coffee; might have to make a run to the Cup a Joe (are they still on Spring Break hours?) today or tomorrow

>> No.10519  
File: 1584387034375.png -(194241 B, 960x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm in Wilmington mastering conflicting impulses. Wuflu straight up saved my ass from failing my program, so that's cool. Also I get to work remotely, except without the work part: I get paid remotely anyway, so I might smooth ass fly to Montreal or crash at my uncle ted's cabin innawoods

>> No.10520  

I'm sick rn, hope it ain't Modelo

>> No.10521  

good luck hombre

wondering how they're gonna handle finals...

>> No.10523  
File: 1584420670878.jpg -(166115 B, 768x974) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

my instructor sent out a note the other minute about the logistics for the rest of the course, most notable:

  • All online
  • Exams are still happening (during regular class time)
  • One HW has been dropped (still 2 more to do)

At least there's only 5 weeks left!

>> No.10530  

everything's fucked

>> No.10561  
File: 1585315796259.jpg -(73516 B, 800x534) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Not a drill! Wake county will be on lockdown starting 5pm today!

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>> No.10563  
File: 1585410291924.png -(87713 B, 500x493) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

neetbux rollan in

>> No.10573  

saturday class is draining

>> No.10574  

My fellow Howlers, I would like to say something before the aliens show up or whatever. Dont let this virus get you down. Realize that this period is the exact test to push us up into solving our problems, but just a bit at a time! That's the beauty of an indefinite period of strangeness, the veil is right there! We can all do our part to each other by doing one more kind deed or one more caring gesture a day. Or do one more thing to make us more kind to ourselves. Love your neighbors and your families. It is going to all be okay. God loves us all, and forgives us all. Keep up the good fight.

>> No.10582  
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>> No.10583  

I am zoom CEO and I make dumb product

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