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How's you vacation going, anons? Are you enjoying your time off?

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But are you ready from Spring Break #2?

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Almost burnt my house down just now, forgot about my water boiling while making wallpapers.
I didn't actually get to take a break, since I got so much stuff to do TT^TT, but I've been reading. Wish I had somebody to talk about my reading with: the "Discourse (Logos) of Hermes to Poimandres (Shephard of Men)" describes the experiential phenomena of seeing Tabor Light through Hesychasm practiced in the Eastern Orthodox tradition.

But all the bae wanna talk about is Overwatch and muh muh myyy Corona~!

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If this is yumi text me on my cellphone I like hermetica.
t. asukaisbesugirl

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nah fam you know who this is

t. misatoisbestgirl

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A man of good taste. We can talk about hermetica here a little. I do not have wifi and here have been using a cafe, but! They're all closed due to the virus.
I figure the hermetica is a divinely inspired anticipation of Christ-sama's arrival.

Captcha (reighness)

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>the hermetica is a divinely inspired anticipation of Christ-sama's arrival

Have we been talking irl? Because that's literally what I wanna talk about. I mean it's mainly relevant in the Discourse of Poimandres, because a lot of the rest deals with the noture of understanding and of God(or gods--it's reletatively inconsistent with regards to whether the Demiurge is subordinate to the All or a part of him). But definitely what happens at the very outset is that Hermes the Thrice-Great--this font of wisdom--is himself sitting back and taking in the wisdom of Poimandres. Therefore this "Man-Shepherd" (or shepherd of men if you will) if superior and more wise than Hermes. Also how does Hermes contact him?

>my thinking soared high and my bodily senses were restrained... an enourmous being... appear[ed] to me...

A being who claims to be "with you everywhere" appears after a period of deep meditation and self-restraint. Then, Hermes

>saw an endless vision in which everything became light--clear and joyful--and in seeing the vision [Hermes] came to love it

This sounds exactly like Hesychasm and Tabor Light. Furthermore the structure and content of this parallels the Secret Book of James (I think it was James) in which Jesus appears to his disciples in a vision and bestows wisdom upon them.

A shame that we can't talk about this in person ever, but maybe that's for the best~!

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I'm in a different state now working.
Christ is the pure Logos through which material reality is reified, he acts as the intermediary for the Fathers Purely Abstract Godhead. In Catholicism this is called Christs Procession from the Father.
The splitting of Christs procession into the things of natural law, and the things of the demi urge seems misplaced to me. We as humans create things useful and within Christs mandate, as well as things that are separate from him, (I mean lots of things here, mythologies, tools, techniques, anthologies, concepts). Therefore I think the demi urge is an attempt to obfuscate the real influential power the prince of air has. Something to this effect.

Getting kicked out of this building, will continue later

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I'm not sure I can identify the Logos with the moved, with the methodical motions of the material. Yes, trees, bees, and fleas, but the sterile and non-mystical? I cannot see the geist inside a clock or boulder.

I think you oughtta read the fourth gospel again, especially paying attention to what Jesus (notice I call him by his name and not Judaic title) says about who are born in darkness perishing in darkness while those who are born in light cannot perish. Plus, if we take Hermetic dogma to its fullest extent, we reach the conclusion that all religions have been given the same core knowledge of the All, quibbling over details. Now, in many religions, we see that Earth IS hell, notably Buddhism, many sects of Hinduism, and the philosophies from whence Hermeticism sprung forth—that from desire comes frustration, suffering, evil, and death. These desires come not from Satan, for every innocent creeping thing possesses the self-same desires of lust, greed, and selfishness (for even herds are selfish), thus this cannot be evil unless of the world, in which case the "god of this world" must be...

It is great to have someone to talk about these things. Now if I could just get one of these women to follow me in pursuit of the "Serpent Power" of tantra...

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File: 1584510273113.jpg -(75613 B, 1200x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

hey /lit/

> in which case the "god of this world" must be...

lmaozers; interesting place to drop an ellipsis anon; I'm not sure what to make of your post, however; if you're particularly involved in this then drop a link to a .pdf or (well-formatted) .txt, otherwise I'm not sure I can make heads or tails of how you cannot identify the spirit of all things (even the "sterile and non-mystical")
spring break is cancelled, spring break is forever

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File: 1584531669489.jpg -(2792639 B, 2576x1932) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>haha /lit/
>format your hermeneutics in LaTeX and put the pdf in dropbox

Yeah nah nvm, I should had known we were memeing

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Without rocks there are no plants. We imbue our essence into the things we make, otherwise were denying core principles of hermetica, all objects are condensed energy. We know this from Science as well, distinctions between rocks and crystals is a matter of degree of energy fluctuation or imbuedness. The existence of egregores, tulpas, and ghosts are the other side of the mineral coin. I will reread John.

Rocks are clocks, the sun is a clock, all things tick and all things tock.

Judaism is a rejection of Christianity. A note on perrenialism, we can say that many religions are given a look into the All (God the Father, Dyeus Pater, etc.) but where would salvation come from? Theosis becomes impossible without Grace, i.e. how can we come to know the mind of God? I'm not great in these long form text type formats, much better at talking with my hands. Please ask questions and I will the same to you.

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File: 1584576560282.jpg -(1894623 B, 3264x1836) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yes, from the scientific-positivist standpoint, much of what we consider "substance" is energy, such as the resistant forces between the particles, which we call touch. But if we reduce energy down to the material, and raise material up to energy, then we arrive at the robotic conception of the body as a chemical clock, when, as I would argue, it is such yet with the spark at the helm. There is a seperation from the material and the immaterial even within the frameworks laid out by Hermes Trismegistus, both in his creation story and in passages such as those found in his discourse to his son:

>Unless you first hate your body, my child, you cannot love yourself
>...it is impossible to be engaged in both realms, the mortal and the divine... there are two kinds of entities, corporeal and incorporeal, corresponding to mortal and divine...

But Hermes also gives conflicting reports: in one creation, there are two gods (Craftsman and Logos); in another, there are many; and elsewhere there is one. That being said, were he consistent, I still would not take all of his discourses as a package deal, much as I reject the OT and its insistence upon salvation of flesh rather than of the soul (in exoteric Judaism, there is no guarantee of the soul, just the breath). Hermes was a wise Pagan who received visions from Jesus and wisdom of the Ancients, but I will not say he is infallable--I am a Christian above all and a Hermetist second (or rather third/fourth).

I can say nothing with regards to what I know nothing of (egregors, tulpas--things I would rather not think about because of personal associations), but I can say that the Fae and Ghosts most certainly exist astrally, as either Logos/Tao or some concurrent force beyond my ken (perhaps in the writings of Valentinus).

>where would salvation come from?
>Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. - John 14:6 KJV

Yet still through the practices of the Eastern religions, a soul comes closer to Moksha/Theosis/&c., though without Grace, they cannot escape from metempsychosis from their current lives.

Question: We can at least both agree that Jesus lived clothed in flesh, as a man? Otherwise, if he was but a spirit or vision, his perfect life becomes much less remarkable.

>> No.10535  

There can be only one thing worthy of pursuit and that is Grace. Jesus most certainly came in the flesh, he was man and God. The OT has to have weight, otherwise the prophesies of Jesus's arrival wouldn't mean anything. I need to read and think more and we can get back to this.

Oh yeah, where is the salvation of flesh only in the OT? I'm not familiar with that. Exoteric Judaism is a false religion, they denied their own savior. I don't consider anything "judaic" written after 30 AD to be of any use.

>> No.10537  


>otherwise the prophesies of Jesus's arrival wouldn't mean anything

yes congratulations that's the point

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