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1179016 No.10468  

Depression is so inconvenient. I've been hurt really bad, and it's taking a while to heal without closure.

But the main problem is I have school work! How do y'all COPE with staying in bed an extra two hours and having only just enough motivation?

I've been seeing a therapist, working out, weening myself off my vices, &c. but every new day is a challenge. wat do?

>> No.10470  

Sounds like you're almost there. I like to talk to myself actually. Be your own therapist.

>> No.10511  

This board always manages to make me very sad.

>> No.10512  

that's good

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>> No.10578  
>find this site after it's already too late and I've left and I never got to meet up
>come check back and the site is being archived in about a month

I'm even more depressed than when I found this place

>> No.10579  

I thought I was having a fever-dream while reading this

>> No.10580  

Our universe is literally one huge concurrent fever dream.

>> No.10581  

better than unimpressed déjà lu :/

>> No.10639  


You and me we're going nowhere slowly
And we gotta get away from the past.
Ain't nothing wrong with going nowhere baby,
But we should be going nowhere fast.
Everybody's going nowhere slowly;
They're just fighting for the chance to be last.
Ain't nothing wrong with going nowhere baby,
But we should be going nowhere fast.

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