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Are there any entrepeneural resources on campus?
I'm looking for advice on acquiring / managing venture capital for a thing I'm doing; of course the Internet is a great resource but I need a more grounded resource, someone I can bother in the flesh. Heard anything? Know anybody? The E-garage on Centennial is the closest thing I am aware of, but there are no advisors/SMEs, just other students

>> No.10435  


I went through this program (did entrepreneurship senior design) and I would highly recommend it. The guy who teaches the class, Marshall Brain, is a member of Triangle Angel Partners if I remember correctly.

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this seems optimal; actually if I had taken 1st semester senior design in the Fall this would have been my first pick (I started snr. design last Spring instead)
the people in Nelson hall are pretty smart; I had only considered resources on Centennial until recently but sometimes I'll sit in a lecture in Nelson after my morning classes if I have the time; I've been in a Human Resources Management course and an introductory business course so far but I'm trying to weasel my way into an accounting lecture (actually it's pretty easy for to sit in on the classes in the big lecture halls); they sure know a lot about other people's business(es)!

>> No.10447  

forgot to add the Brain is a real character; he lectured in a class I had a year ago (Engineering Profession for Electrical Engineers) and yelled about how "IF YOU HAVE A GOOD IDEA, DO SOMETHING COOL WITH IT AND YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO STOP THE MONEY FROM ROLLING IN; YOU'RE GOING TO BE DROWNING IN IT AND NOBODY'S GOING TO SAVE YOU FROM IT"; absolutely inspirational

>> No.10448  

He wrote a guide to entrepreneurship and startups if you're interested. It's pretty comprehensive.

Also, if you have something you're working on, send him an email and ask to get lunch or have a quick meeting. Decent chance he'll say yes.

>> No.10452  

wow that is a really useful site; I read a lot of it last night and it offered some genuinely insightful stuff; I am working hard on creating my "Minimum Viable Product" but once I get out of the technical thicket (i.e. API documentation) I'll drop him an e-mail

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File: 1580414486258.jpg -(676514 B, 1000x1414) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

clarification: that's not to say that I am writing API documentation, rather I'm reading someone else's (tediously written) API docs

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Incidentally this business class I'm in (MIE201, it's a free elective BTW) just started a unit on entrepreneurship; here's some resources I learned about today (on top of the ones already posted in this thread):
Entrepreneural Clinic: https://entrepreneurship.ncsu.edu/spaces/entrepreneurship-clinic/
Small Business and Technology Development Center: http://www.sbtdc.org/offices/ncsu/

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File: 1581229035744.jpg -(242626 B, 850x965) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

on-topic, if anyone wants to squad up and split some of the profit on a new venture I'm exploring, I am looking for a mobile app developer (Android preferred but iOS is useful too); inquire within!

>> No.10504  
File: 1582255805458.jpg -(20909 B, 280x440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

So I rolled out the pre-alpha for this site I've been working on this month:


I'm currently still (as in >>10478) looking for anyone w/ the entrepreneural drive who can market this to end-users; also anyone w/ iOS / Android app experience is more than welcome to join as a partner!

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