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229381 No.10405  

Anybody Interested In These Guys/Girls Nowadays. Trying to find some people to talk about/rewatch/reread homestuck with. Thought there may be a few lurking here.

Ps. I've been tagging teal blooded propaganda in the free expression lately, Also interesting in getting a bunch of stuff there soon.

>> No.10406  

I hope that everyone else on this website who has read homestuck agrees with me that this thread must needs to be deleted.

>> No.10407  

Well seeing as Homestuck^2 just came out it's a very relevant topic I think. >:]

>> No.10408  

idk why there's a homestuck renaissance happening right now but im scared

>> No.10409  
File: 1578685378722.jpg -(3499398 B, 4032x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>10408 ITS BECAUSE OF HOMESTUCK 2, Pesterquest, and Hiveswap act 2 all coming out in the next few seasons.

>> No.10410  

Homestuck 2 is barely even homestuck and is 2 months old by now. Pesterquest is not Homestuck. Hiveswap Act 2 will never come out.
Face it, Homestuck ended at Act 6 Act 2, stop making out with a corpse.

>> No.10413  
File: 1578720187478.png -(15918 B, 198x180) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>10410 While I may agree that hiveswap act 2 may never come out, the epilogues and homestuck^2 are not bad. And pesterquest is an actual godsend :

>> No.10415  

Let's hang out so we can talk about homestuck and then I can beat you up.

>> No.10416  

>>10415 I'm down for both of those. When/Where? >:]

>> No.10418  
File: 1578834532982.jpg -(1587622 B, 2576x1932) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

qt but also reprehensible

>> No.10420  


I'm a more casual reader and I've probably forgotten a lot of stuff, but if you don't mind that I'd like to hang out some too. I understand though if you'd rather not have to possibly recap stuff to someone.

>> No.10421  

>>10420 No! That's the whole reason I want to recap with someone. I haven't read through the whole thing in about 2 years so I really need it. I would love hang out. :]

>> No.10422  

>>10420 Is there someway you'd like to contact each other/when are you free to start?

>> No.10423  


My Discord is Xenu#6395, if that works for you.

>> No.10424  

>>10423 you have friend requests off add me instead at Cryonics#2755

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