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126600 No.10392  

What does your upcoming semester look like? Easy? Hard? Fun? Just another semester? Remember that your year won't always revolve around the semester-cycle so learn to love it while you still have it!

>> No.10393  

Teaching Finite Mathematics at NCSU
Teaching two algebra classes at Louisburg College (supposedly, the HR person has left me hanging for almost a month)
Haven't had any classes myself in a year

So other than the commute, I'd say pretty easy. Life is difficult as it is, might as well make things as smooth as possible.

>> No.10399  
File: 1578314651847.jpg -(255332 B, 945x1300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

welcome to the last semester of /ncsu/!

>> No.10400  

sad but happy times.

last semester, graduating in may.

20 hours but padded. Choir, piano, swimming, archery, and stats. Only hard stuff (knock on wood) will be ethics, GIS, and a special topics aquatic microbiology. marine bio gang.

>> No.10401  


also you should all join the boxing club!

>> No.10458  

Can I really join the boxing club?

>> No.10471  

I guess I'll take that as a hard no.

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