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526840 No.10376  

Hello Howler (148 days until Archival event); I am moving to a new flat soon and will be throwing a New Year's Eve party for anyone in the area; there will be drinks, food, and music! We have 3 guest DJs (!) who play all kinds and all genres of music. Make sure to bring friends and fun! Every kind of rum except coconut is appreciated.

Party Name: Decennium 202X
Location: 3101 Walnut Creek Parkway, Apt. B
Date: Tues. Dec. 31st
Doors & stream at 8PM (EST)

There will be a twitch.tv livestream of the DJ booth if you are not able to make it: https://twitch.tv/DJRThree ... happy new decade!

>> No.10381  

fuck yeah party bump

>> No.10386  

My dad cancelled his party I think so I'm in boyos. Will bring shitty beer and fireball again.

>> No.10388  
File: 1577750072680.jpg -(2164706 B, 1920x1340) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Just picked this bad boy up from a Ukranian guy near campus; also got one more today that isn't pictured

>> No.10389  

Fuck the ISP cutting my Internet off all the time; party is still on

>> No.10390  

Great party! Had a lot of fun, probably going to be hungover tomorrow

>> No.10391  

that was fun!

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