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wheres the howler secret santa happening tomorrow?

>> No.10353  

Poe 202 apparently but we haven't heard confirmation from OP yet

>> No.10355  
File: 1576088578773.png -(17877 B, 1158x551) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Everyone's favorite irresponsible OP here, gonna issue a re-route notice, destination change to Poe 228.

202 is a DELTA room so I think it's under some unusual protection but either way it's currently occupied by people >50 y/o doing something with smartboards. 228 also has windows, which is pretty cool. They look at trees which is even cooler. For those of us who use cardinal directions, 228 is on the east side of the 2nd floor of Poe. See you all at 6:00!

>> No.10356  

Will the exchange start immediately at 6:00? I might be about 15 or so minutes late.

>> No.10357  

We can start with light hugs and begin in earnest when everyone is here.

Poe 228 is going to be used for a class (???) at 4:30, so another change of plans (gomen!). Let's meet in the 2nd floor lobby (on the SAS side) so I don't have to change it again and we'll grab a room closer to the time to prevent further nuisance and switching.

>> No.10358  

I'm in 211 (right behind the lobby)


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