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A reminder that Shadow World is in only 3 days, this Saturday 11/23 in 353 Daniels Hall!

This is an event for anime fighting game players, so we’ll have a bracket for UMVC3, UNIST, MBAACC, GGXrdREV2, BBCF, BBTag, and we are now adding Persona 4 Arena Ultimax to the line-up! Yes, P4AU, the game whose latest update is only available in JP arcades!!! (we will be playing the latest version available on console since yknow lol)

Your venue fee is FREE if you bring a full setup (PS3/4 + Monitor) for any of the 7 games!!! So bring em!!!

For more info/schedule/pre-reg:

>> No.10286  
>specifically request P4A
>don't show up because of homework

Is this the power of procrastination?

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