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I haven't drank since August. Id like to think I'm pretty good at making friends but clearly I'm not. I know probably like 20-25 people here (OOS Freshman FYE) and almost none of them drink. The "friends" that do drink I've asked to buy me a 12 pack for $25 (they're usually like $12 for a 12 pack right, so you'd get fucking double the price like I'm literally telling people to scam me) and no success. I see beer cans on the ground around on Sunday mornings and shit and it pisses me off cause it seems like fucking nobody drinks here. i just want some fucking nattys bro. I made a burner number, 9197666870, if you feel like you have any advice for me, please help me out. honestly thinking of transferring cause it just makes me really upset seeing my friends getting shitfaced every other weekend, meanwhile it seems like everybody I know here is actively trying to keep me sober. pic not related

>> No.10266  


>drinking the liquid jew

trust me, its a complete waste of time

>> No.10267  

drinking is gay

>> No.10268  

come to the party this coming saturday 11/23 >>10237

>> No.10269  

Gays like drinking

>> No.10270  
File: 1573925475067.jpg -(66938 B, 500x559) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What are you implying? I don't know any 21 year old freshman unless this is a non-traditional student who just needs his friends to run errands for him. Howler parties are not 21+ but drinking there certainly is.

>> No.10271  

That is correct Officer, there is never underage drinking in any place we would discuss as that would be foolish! Thank you, Officer, for correcting that foolish error.

>> No.10272  
File: 1573959049545.jpg -(38576 B, 686x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Listen buddy, I don't make the rules, I just break them with plausible deniability :^)

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