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Name one (1) thing more cancerous than Black Friday

>> No.10252  

cyber monday

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Nope, you cheated. That's TWO (2) things, not one (1)

captcha: same

>> No.10256  

Explain? Not sure I understand how "Black Friday" is "cancerous." If you're taking an anti-consumerist stance to it then there are plenty of other hyper-consumerist problems to focus on; besides it's not as if it's even much of a problem as it is a symptom.
Merry festivus

>> No.10257  

Parasitically grows and ever expands its influence as cancer does. The point of "cancerous" here is that Black Friday has been slowly expanding to be Black Week and now it's moving to Black Month. Sure it's just a symptom but it's an egregious one. These 2 months are nothing but consumerism and Black Friday is a tool to ensure that as many people are sucked in as possible thanks to the power of "Sick Deals on products (of reduced quality/longevity)!". As a bonus, since it's Black Season right now we get to rail against it in specific instead of just consumerism as a whole. We have all year to complain about consumerism, but when a specific symptom starts protruding into your life why not complain about it in specific? Black Friday's deaths and protrusion into a family-oriented holiday are some of the tools we have to hold the mirror for consumerists and remind them how it can hurt their lives.

The choice of "Name one thing more cancerous than X" is based off of a meme format of hyperbole in one's hatred. It's not actually meant as an impossible task, but does usually lead to people venting their feelings about that X or about other things they hate more.

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