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64840 No.10249  

When: Wednesday, Dec 11 (reading day) at 6:00pm
Where: DH Hill Library in a reserved room (TBA)
How Much: <$10
Link: https://forms.gle/mExtKgsupB9kj2Cz9
Timeline: The form will close 5:00pm Nov. 22 so that everyone has plenty of time to find something just right for that special someone.

It's that time of year again! The season of giving, caring, cold, and eggnog!
In the spirit of goodwill towards Howlers, I've set up a Secret Santa form for anyone that wants to shindig. I was gonna make a cool poster, but then I figured that sooner is better to give us plenty of time. Handmade, salvaged, and reappropriated things are super cool, so don't stress if you're not rich, none of us are!

It'll probably last a couple of hours at most (with the eternal option of an after-party for those with nothing Thursday), so use it as a study break. Breaks are very important not just for your productivity but for your mental health and the avoidance of excessive fatigue. If you don't break with us, make sure you're still taking breaks!

As a last reminder: Put a throwaway/non-school email in the form so that I don't know who you are, surprises are the spice of life!

>> No.10280  
File: 1574177075109.jpg -(59227 B, 400x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The current number enrolled is sufficient for it to be confirmed for happening, now it's just a question of who else will join in?

>> No.10283  

Dawn of the final day! I'm not a very prompt person, but I'll post again once things are furreal closed. Until then it's not too late!

>> No.10285  

Emails should be sent out now! Happy Santing!

>> No.10292  

Due to interest expressed at the party, there will be a second round, so-to-speak, of Secret Santa sign-up. 2nd deadline is gonna be Dec 1 and at least 3 people need to sign up by then for it to be feasible. So it's not too late for our late-rising friends!

>> No.10295  

It has been done

>> No.10308  

A friendly reminder to sign up if you're going to and don't if you're not! If you signed up in the first round and wanna go again, just hit it.

>> No.10314  

The day has delayed your obedient servant, but I shall be on it swiftly in the morning. Expect emails by noon-time.

>> No.10316  

Emails sent out a couple hours ago!

Timeliness shows again to be my weakness. Sure sucks that I will always live in time, but what can you do?

>> No.10321  

Wait, 11 December 2019 and not the thirteenth of December 2019?
For whatever reason I thought it was December 13, 2019.

>> No.10322  

As fortuitous as the opportunity for a Fri 13 Secret Santa is, it's probably easier on people to have it on the reading day. Now that you've drawn my attention to it, though, I need to find a way to properly celebrate that most blessed of cursed days.

>> No.10323  

This is better for me cause Imma yeet and skeetdaddle over back home asap and I ain't got no GD finals.

>> No.10324  

Any possibility of changing the location? I've already graduated and will be unable to access the library during exam time.

>> No.10325  

That is a wise and powerful oof. I had forgotten about such mysteries. If memory serves, all building are Free and Open (when there's no final happening), so we could just go and commandeer a room somewhere on campus. If anyone has thoughts or suggestions, I'm open to them. If not, I'll just pick somewhere in the next few days by the power vested in me by the One and Only Santa Claus.

>> No.10333  
File: 1575596454357.png -(191216 B, 400x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

We will tentatively say Poe 202 and I'll confirm early next week that it'll be open and accessible. I had a class there once and it's got some nice screens + lots of nice, moveable table.

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