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6915 No.10230  

Is there any topic that you can't help but go full thought-police on? By this I mean that you immediately attempt to correct their incorrect beliefs on the topic as an almost knee-jerk reaction.

Captcha: lejition
A person who imagines themselves adhering to the "truth" of facts and logic and thereby always having a belief in their own correctness, saying things like "But that's illogical" and "Stop being so emotional". In actuality this person is just a dummy and believes dumb things.

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when someone pushes unencrypted messaging such as groupme/discord/whatsapp/telegram/slack/skype/snapchat-chat/etc

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File: 1573659357859.jpg -(26985 B, 455x476) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I get mad-triggered by people who would, in the year of holiest dominion 2019, unironically tout The Bell Curve and similar drivel about racial intelligence as anything other than the slag it is. If you believe in racial intelligence/TBC, please don't respond and instead read this: http://bactra.org/weblog/520.html

Relatedly, people talking about prestige of schools as a measure of their value and quality. This is related because the author of TBC was a Harvard professor, a good example of how even golden calves are affected by their times (his prominence may have been related to his usefulness in keeping the "lesser races" out of institutions like Harvard).

And don't even get me started on (anti-black) racism in the US being the product of post-reconstruction astro-turfing. The Golden Rule is be chill and not a dick, which racism is very clearly in breach of.

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File: 1573670248789.jpg -(81233 B, 912x545) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The nintendo gamecube has one of the worst controllers I've ever had the displeasure of using.
Say what you want about it being "perfectly optimized for these 3 specific gamecube games I like" but I find basically everything about them to be bad. The face buttons are awkwardly shaped and spread out for no good reason. My one thumb needs to hit all 4 buttons, why make one of them spaced farther out from two others for no reason other than to put one in the center as the "main" button?
The joystick feels too highly elevated compared to the rest of the controller and the c stick's shape and lack of texturing feels awkward to use for anything beyond flicking in nonspecific directions. The left stick is too far (and feels higher up, not sure if this is true relative to other controllers or just a false perception) from the D-pad, and the face buttons are too far from the C-stick due to that awkward dumb shaping. The movement of your thumbs from the natural position on the face buttons to the c-stick feels less responsive and natural than on virtually any other dual stick game controller. E
The triggers are probably the worst part. Analog triggers might be useful for some things, but I don't like having to push that massive chunk of plastic down so far to feel like I'm actually doing something in game. The dualshock does it right by requiring enough pressure on the analog triggers that even lightly depressing them gives better physical responsiveness of me pressing a button. The z-button just feels like I'm squishing a beetle or that there's something stuck underneath it. I don't know if that's an intentional design choice but every gamecube controller I've used is like that.

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File: 1573680882582.jpg -(618978 B, 1600x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>eugenics? you mean like nazis???

No. See https://youtu.be/r2M8fl6MxUE?t=67
I don't see how anyone could watch as iq trends start reversing as a direct consequence of our dysgenic culture and not realize that maybe a system that deliberately selects for psychopaths, sociopaths, hoarders, and in general anyone without a prefrontal cortex or modicum of foresight might not be the best idea and might be the reason why """muh human nature""" necessitates tyranny (i.e. gubbamints).

>malthus wuz wrong XD

Ah yes, because a limited system can support unlimited growth. And yeah, don't start planning for the future silly, Israel's desalination plants will save us from running out of water, much like the Infinite™ Alaskan oil fields will always be there so we can dump plastics into the sea. Why do boomers and libs both hate my glorious mother Gaia and DELIBERATELY strive to kill billions upon billions of the as-yet-unborn because they need to be comfy?

>doesn't absinthe make you see shit, bro woah crazy


>it's not REAL absinthe bro

This one makes me sperg the most. After a series of droughts during the Belle Époque, the wine industry was losing money to the commercially successful absinthe. They used their old-money for a slander campaign in official news reports, which the artists of the day embraced because they were edgy. When it was made illegal, the Swiss (and that isn't a euphemism) who were making the stuff said "lol non get pheuqued famille" and continued using the same recipes right through the 21st century legalization.

>> No.10243  


>link talking about the doubtfulness of IQ heritability


>...iq trends... dysgenic...

You guys should hang out! It'll be fun, I swear!

>> No.10244  
File: 1573688209641.png -(454911 B, 720x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

IQ is a damn good measurement of something which is difficult to quantify. That being said, from what I understand, IQ and intelligence can only deteriorate throughout a lifetime, i.e. a mostly developed individual will have a higher iq at 19 than they would themselves at 35. Plus, since it really measures pattern recognition, deductive reasoning, and problem solving, one could argue that your IQ at 7 years old would equal or eclipse your own IQ at even 19. This deterioration does make the measurement very susceptible to other, environmental factors. I would even argue that IQ is 60/40 nature/nurture or vice-versa, head-to-head. In other words, you could send an iguana to Harvard--or even a reputable university instead of one of the same league that gave that monkey George Bush his degree--but he won't learn much. Inversely, if you take a super smart kid and put him in the burger educayshun system, he could very well grow up a brainlet.

That being said TBC is bad scholarship. Not only that, but it fits into the history of racists and humanist whigs shitting up eugenics and cultural (not racial) realists. Those of us who value the human race and desire to strive toward the species which will succeed us need to disassociate ourselves from if our ideas are to survive the immasculated shame-culture of modern, post-realpolitik (pseudo)political discourse, which is based upon the principle of "Meak-makes-right."

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