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199435 No.10101  

its the high holiday, my favorite day of the year

are you doing anything special?
do you have any halloween movies you like to watch?
seasonal things you like to eat?
candy corn opinions?

tell me bout it

captcha: ho

>> No.10102  

I'm probably just going to sit at home and study like a loser like I did last year.

>> No.10103  

Going out drinking to downtown Raleigh
Should be a good night

>> No.10105  

Why would I do anything special? I already went to Howlerween. One party is enough for me.

>someone just banged on my door demanding treats

I have no treats for the child, so now I must suffer the trick

>> No.10108  
File: 1572571687309.jpg -(32253 B, 612x610) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Moping, doing homework. Had one last fap before no nut november.

>> No.10120  


>> No.10171  


>> No.10189  

I spent my Halloween laying around and then re-going to a doctor because life is pain (or maybe it was my head that was pain...)

But at least I got to Howlerween!

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