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476739 No.10086  
> 204 days

What do you think of the Howler Archival Event?
Are you at all concerned that everything we've ever said here, everything we've ever done here, will be preserved for all time forever? It's a little weird to sit here, tottering, on the promontory of archival

>> No.10087  

yumi oughta give the domain to some unlucky EE freshman so he can carry the torch

>> No.10089  

This. Howler is too cool to not exist forever. Find someone else to hand it off to. Where are the kiddos gonna go instead? Reddit?

>> No.10092  

Agreed. Don't understand why it can't continue, the hosting costs for this can't be high.

>> No.10094  
File: 1572328402350.jpg -(102863 B, 772x878) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I decided on archiving Howler some time ago: https://howler.space/archive-announce.txt and the reason is this: I'm graduating soon and will not be in the capacity to run a campus imageboard for NCSU.
I run this site out of my apartment: if you come over you can have a look at it. I've recently decomissioned one of my servers unison and have migrated everything Howler to shelter.prettyboytellem.com; because of this I am unwilling to physically hand-off howler because that would involve parting with a server sporting 40GiB of RAM and several TiB of data: not gonna happen.

> hosting costs for this can't be that high

It's just electricity and domain fees (10USD /yr + a little more)

> find someone else to hand it off to

I'm not going out of my way to find someone to run it because I feel that someone with the requisite technical know-how (and someone in college...) would have to approach me about it; only then could I support & bless a "continuation" of sorts... creating this "world" dominated a good chunk of my sophomore year here at State and I feel that the community deserves someone similar

> ...go instead? Reddit?

I'm sorry to say but communities like this are doomed from the beginning: out of all the sites on the Internet I liken us most to https://thewolfweb.com/
TWW is (was) a forum for NCSU; unfortunately now it is only used by 30+-somethings as a way to waste time at work; I don't want Howler to meet the same fate as TWW and so I am making the only sincere move I can against it.
I could go on for days about this; but I hope you'll understand (^-^)

>> No.10095  

The alternative is for someone to just pay for hosting at a third party host. You don't need to give up your server.

I don't have the technical know how, but I do have a "job" (grad student stipend) and would be willing to help keep Howler alive. I'm sure others feel similar and there's at least one nerd here with the know how

>> No.10096  
File: 1572358290621.jpg -(14347 B, 480x252) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What i wanna know is how much will we look back and cringe @ how much anime-posting we did

>> No.10097  


>> No.10098  

I mean, I like howler and want it to live, but the community is pretty small. A third party host to handle the users would be pretty cheap. And I'm getting a part time teaching job next semester for extra drinking money. It'd be easy for me to handle the hosting.

Like I said though, despite shitposting on image boards for most of my life I don't know how to code for them. Any new features would be someone else's volunteering.

>> No.10099  


>someone should approach you

look at cape guy

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>> No.10183  
File: 1572838802920.jpg -(94464 B, 800x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Howler is too cool to exist forever. In a not-too-distant future, Howler would become uncool. I think the most wonderful thing Howler does is bring people together for more than anonymous shitposting in class. The fact that we can enter meat-space and integrate and socialize is beautiful to me. A social club for those weird fringers that don't want to go to anime club is a rare thing. We're a group of socially capable social misfits, people who are good and fine but just don't have a better place to be.

Based off of who I've seen at our meaty interactions, that would not last long in the post-Yumi world. The vast majority of Howlers I've met in physical will be here for another 2 years at most and we don't seem to be pulling out much new blood. Maybe post-Yumi the new admin or self-elected social chair could start again from scratch with pizza in the brickyard, beer and coffee with individual Howlers, or boardgames in the library, but will that work? Can we get this push, this influx again? Even at the start we had pre-Howler Yumi-friends padding out socials.

I want Howler to be forever because I feel I may be here forever, but I know that the Howler I love, the Howler of now, will not survive. Yumi has decided Howler should die with dignity and I support him. It would break my heart to watch it slowly dwindle until the joy it brings becomes not even worth the hosting fees. I'd rather say good-bye in the golden days instead of trying to feebly relive these times as all my favorite posters slowly stop coming.

>> No.10184  


> Yumi
> pre-howler friends


>> No.10287  
File: 1574538681296.png -(1033292 B, 600x749) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's all a ploy to send everyone to ralee.org

>> No.10289  

I think that's pretty silly. Howler didn't just pop out of existence with a userbase - people slowly found it and joined the community.

Likewise, when most of the current population graduates, more people can join and we can continue to have good times. The fees to host such a site are so inconsequential, I would rather try to keep it alive than end it prematurely.

I'll be here at least two years after this one. If the site continued on and the userbase completely disappeared to nothing in that time - fair, I was wrong. But if a new admin would push hard on hosting social events and posting flyers, I don't see how it would die. Even amongst our current howlers there is a variety of posters in terms of current year, already there has been replacement.

>> No.10296  

Ah, but Howler /did/ pop into existence with a user-base.

But I agree that I would like to see it continue, though I think it is clear it will not continue in its current form. I'll be hear for a few years yet and would love to have this community here for me all the while. Yumi has decided what he thinks is best for Howler, but this doesn't need to stop us from continuing. A new domain could be used relatively easily (we've had a couple domain changes already) and it would be trivially easy if Yumi would be willing to link/redirect from howler.space to whatever mystical new site appears.

Captcha: ungud

>> No.10319  
File: 1575305038800.png -(16111 B, 1024x531) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

They'll never get me away from imageboards! I was born on an imageboard and there I shall remain until my most timely demise.

>> No.10320  
File: 1575326994943.gif -(117022 B, 307x304) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

More like


Seriously, did anyone ever see Yumi before Howler existed? Can someone prove he existed at all before Howler?

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