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>listening to EMS freq on chinkshit radio I finally got in the mail
>find it comfy to listen to the crackle of static as calls come in every now and then
>hear a notification of a cardiac arrest in Valentine Commons

This is the first time I recognized the address given for a call. All night I've been listening to reports of falls, people passing out, all in unfamiliar areas. This one was different- too close to home, not to mention way more specific than most calls I've heard on this first night of listening in.
It's always jarring to realize just how bad of a night this is for some people in our beautiful city. This realization doesn't come often--pain demands its privacy, after all--but when it does, it's lugubrious.

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A week or two ago I came home late at night to a bunch of cops outside my apartment complex. A girl had stabbed herself to commit suicide, right in front of her roommate. I didn't know her, but my roommate brought their dog out to help comfort her and stayed out really late because she was so devastated. You think it doesn't happen often until it happens in front of you.

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Reminds me of the Chicago Police Scanner threads on that one crappy site. Legendary adventures of Robert and his arch nemesis...

Yeah, creepy shit happens everywhere, every day. I m-mean, post-industrial capitalism has brought everyone out of squalor into... what's the word... dignity, yes! Nothing to see here. This woman's medical bills will be modest, we swear.

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