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what are my fellow howlers reading lately? I'm reading Fear and Trembling by Kierkegaard, which is honestly a pretty fun read that has made me more interested in the Old Testament. I'm also slowly trudging through Psychology and Religion. i hope I get through it by the end of the year-- it feels like a burden lately.
Also! How do you keep track of what you read? I've been using goodreads lately, but I want to move to a better solution.

>> No.10006  


>how do you keep track
  1. buy book
  2. read book
  3. place book on shelf
  4. "Do I have anything to read... oh Title by [author]... I read that one already"
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nigga do I look like I'm made of money?
I have been borrowing about 60% of what I read for the past two years, and I already had such a bad hoarding problem when I was reading as a teen that I literally ran out of space for a bed in my bedroom (I solved this by sleeping in the guest room)

>> No.10026  

I'm currently reading Moo by Jane Smiley, it was a gift from my mom for my last birthday. It's a fun little comedy about a fictional ag uni in the midwest. She got me another book called Bucking the Sun which from my understanding is a crime novel, but I haven't been able to make much headway as it's p musty and I get a wicked headache/brain-clog if I try to read it not in direct sunlight and I wasted the sunny months not reading during my lunch break.

In terms of keeping track, I never considered doing that, really. I've thought before about how I can't really come up with a list of what I've read off the top of my head, but I never sought to solve that so I have no solution. You could keep a bookin' journal I guess. Write a book review whenever you finish a book and keep it to jog your memory. Then your file tree/index page can be the log!

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File: 1571601904554.jpg -(98375 B, 400x423) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

the idea of a physical log is a great one! I keep changing journals because I fill notebooks out fast, but I could probably get away with making a nice card to staple to the back so I can keep track year by year.

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File: 1571604620723.jpg -(128109 B, 620x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Why a physical log when you could have a digitized one? which is I think what >>10026 was kinda getting at with the

>file tree/index page

thing. You could have any one of the following

  1. locally hosted html server with month/year/author/genre based tree
  2. one of those weird text files that have nested sections when you open it in vim
  3. a directory/index of directories with said book reviews and regularly named files (i.e. %authorslastname_%d.%m.%y.txt)
  4. something else entirely

Because fuck centralized non-local datamining.

Also readan The Unique and Its Property (a new translation of The Ego and Its Own) by Stirner. Pretty dank deconstruction of ideals, religion, and metaphysics so far.

>> No.10038  


>file tree/index page

Exactly, you can store it digital or physical. If physical, you need an index page and if digital, the file tree says it all!

For digital I would probably do LastName_Title_DDMMYY

>> No.10041  

all of these options sound really good! I prefer having physical storage (on paper) because it's harder to lose or forget about. I'll probably start a binder or notebook just to keep track of books and date of reading (I'd rather keep my notes in my journal).

>> No.10042  

I agree, there's something especially comfy about keeping it in physical

Love thy computer as much as you want, but meatspace is p comfy tbh

>> No.10044  

I am reading Infinite Jest, it's a novel about amphetamines and tennis and Quebcois seperationism
I have a bookshelf which has (mostly) all the books I've read; I like to scribble in the margins of my books so I can't exactly borrow them from the library, though I'll borrow one sometimes to see if the book is "good enough to read all the way through" kind of thing
Books are laughably cheap

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File: 1571659588801.jpg -(253764 B, 720x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Not if I want to read italian classics in original language. Also see pic related: sometimes I want to read something rare. Grimoires are also notoriously expensive.

>> No.10049  


>laughably cheap

I always buy books second hand, so I agree those are dirt cheap, but you also run into issues of mold etc in those.

Dirt cheap new books are not actually that common unless you consider 15-20 laughably cheap.

>> No.10073  

I am filled with nothing but disdain for Quebs. Just leave already and stop being so damn mad that not everyone is a fluent French speaker, this is just a consequence of a multi-language nation. Just because you speak both doesn't mean everyone should and don't be EVEN ANGRIER when people try with anything less than perfect fluency. I don't know why anyone stops them from seceding, are they even a serious economic force within Canada?

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File: 1572035067504.jpg -(2625802 B, 4608x3456) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

They're superior to the rest of the country but outnumbered and outgunned. Much like the American Southeast, they're basically an occupied territory. With the exception of the NASA thing and the 90% of the competent armed forces thing, the southern analogy fits

>good food
>historical shit
>different, superior, and older language
>categorically more intelligent
>would subsist without the other
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