This was


the N.C. State Imageboard
(March 2017 ~ May 2020)
Like, nerds in the south may have fond memories of fried catfish they caught themselves, homemade cornbread, college football, outdoorsy hobbies, guns, and all sorts of normie stuff...
But then they turn around and say "Misato is best girl" or "All according to keikaku" or they program a knockoff Uzbekistani Charcoal Drawing forum and entitle one of the subforums "Sweet Tea Time," Or they'll make iced oolong to wash down their squirrel, or they'll say y'all...
&c. It's just a bit bizarre when you see statist vaguely californian, lolsuchanerdxD bugmen on the internet, and slovenly overweight dudes at cons and in animu, but here, we've got these hybrid, roughly well-adjusted nerds who partake in subcultures associated by certain people with these undesirable types.
And Maybe it's just the media.
I ran the marathon today
where my fellow runner howlers at
Y'all howlers still going to the Maywood tonight?
>tries greentext
>when you go on a tinder date and she's not into you and you get a $30 parking fine to boot
Hey Hapa-san and Yumi!
Y'all ought to go to the Japanese friend. A classmate (non-weeb) told me they meet every Wednesday at 7.
pic unrelated
What do you think your future is like with Howler? We only stay in college so long, will you be sad to say farewell?
I'm graduating in Dec and am torn between my love for Howler and my no longer going to be a student
Maybe I'll just advance to RALee? Is it really just like Howler for real life?
Tonight is the night
This is a cool halloween theme btw
peace was never an option
Found out the girl I like has a BF
Just in time for Halloween:
You're welcome. (Un)fortunately the OST seems p much identical to SMT II.
Anyone here want to meet up for lunch on friday at 12 on hillsboro? Probably going to mitch's, jasmin, or kebab and curry. Golden dragon is an option too. Fuck that hipster waffle place.
>Monday and Tuesday, creationists show up and rant about evolution
>Today, this guy shows up and yells over the whole brickyard
Can I just enjoy my coffee in peace without some religious wackos telling me I'm going to hell?
Dude why were there people at the brickyard that was protesting ROTC? Not peaceful protest, but screaming and shouting.
Literally like 8 people. Are they ANTIFA? Dude. You , if anything, are protesting the wrong group of people.
Anyhoo, I'm about to bring some popcorn with me if this happens again tomorrow.
people who go to the top floors of the library just to shit in the bathroom are the worst