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the N.C. State Imageboard
(March 2017 ~ May 2020)

I lost some keys on Avent ferry, between varsity and the Mexican restaurant
If anyone happens across them I'll buy you many drinks
I would keep looking for them but my friend started vomiting

Hi Howler, long time no see, huh.
I'm curious what ya'll are up to over the break; I'm enjoying my time off from school and responsibility but I'm still keeping uo my motivation to try and learn new things. One of those things is that I'm trying to get myself to take more pictures; I'll post all the cool ones I take over break here so feel free to pitch in your cool ones too!

found a site of japanese seeds for sale, only in nihon though.

Why can't anyone use the toilet right in my dorm? Some dude always pees all over the toilet seat and sometimes I see shaved pubes all over it too. C'mon man other people live in the dorm too. Heres a solution: LIFT THE TOILET SEAT so you don't get pee all over it.

In case y'all forgot Melody Prochet existed:
pic related, from a cool music video.


heres a fun one for you guys

rhodies had a case of the ayys

Wow it's snowing

I have a take home final to be given out on Sunday, due Tuesday
if I lose power how the hell am I going to LaTeX it?

I live in a small residence hall, but my friend's hall (Syme) is yuuge. Whats the best dorm out there?

unironically, how do I get templeOS onto my computer? is it difficult?

But I like chapel hill.

Are my fellow howlers down for a Christmas party between finals and the break?

I wonder if we have enough activity to talk about movies. I try to watch a lot and not just eastern stuff.

This morning I watched Super, mostly because of Ellen Page. It was surprisingly good, although [spoiler]that rape scene really surprised me[/spoiler].

I log all my on letterboxd if anyone else has an account


Subleasing my apartment for January to June.

Its 370 a month (utilities not included). 1500 Graduate Lane. Off of Gorman Street. 4 in 1 style, separate bathrooms. Bus 9 stops right outside the building. 3 cool Chinese cats as roommates, land lord is Chinese as well. Theyre quiet and studious. Any Chinese language student shouldnt discount this offer!!

要转租房子。(370$ 一个月。(不流水和电力))三个中国人住在这。中国老板。

First of all, I should point out the site news; check it out for the latest news about what I'm doing with the imageboard.

Second, I've just heard that my favorite anime Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka is getting an OVA this spring (2019) and a third season the next year (2020). I am overjoyed to hear this and simply cannot express my thoughts on it until my excitement has died down. I hope to at least watch the OVA with you all soon. Gochiusa is simply a masterpiece (see: girls, coffee, fluffy rabbits) and I hope we can share this excitement together.

And perhaps most trivially I'd like to draw your attention to the new software we are running on the site; I wrote a Perl script to convert from the old software (Doushio) to the new software (modded Wakaba) while I was almost falling asleep in ECE306 on Tuesday: these things about the new software will impact you the most:

  • You can format your posts using Wakabamark
  • Only 50 threads are active at a single time
  • All stale threads (i.e. threads which are not active) are archived here
  • All posts go on one board, /ncsu/
  • Anything is allowed on /ncsu/ (provided you follow the 2 simple rules)
  • There is no more real-time posting
  • We have a new site-mascot! She doesn't have a name yet...

I hope that we can grow our community even larger just by having implemented these simple changes. Don't forget: if you have any feedback, as always feel free to e-mail me at! And most importantly:

Kick back and take it easy, NCSU
I can't stop eating them. I have gained 30 pounds but I can't stop. Stop me. Please.
Can any cryptocurrency/blockchain enthusiasts help me with a question I have? I don't feel like asking /g/ or /sci/.
I dont know that much about it and am trying to get my head around some of it.

Chainlink is supposed to act as an Oracle, which maintains all of the bookkeeping between series of blockchains, correct?
If each LINK attached to each a data unit is permanently indebted with that information, wont there be some kind of cap on how much information an oracle could keep track or is there just a fuck huge amount of them? And how much data could one of them hold? Is there a term for this specific thing?
And what would stop someone form looking at Chainlink's code and just making a copy of it as their own oracle? And can oracles connect with other oracles?
The future of plasma physics
Happy 100 years of independence to Poland! After 123 years of forced partitioning, we've now enjoyed 100 years as our own country. Good fortune and pierogi will come to you if you comment "Sto Lat" today.
I've been checking the archive, and I stumbled on something from The Wolf Web. Question to old-friends: what is this geocities lookin' ass place?
Is it cool?
Is it fun?
Y'all best not go about lewdin' lolis over here. I've got my eye on you.