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the N.C. State Imageboard
(March 2017 ~ May 2020)
This is a thread for features that will be here soon enough
pokemon time
Welcome to /yu/!
湯 means hot spring and is pronounced "you"

you may post [spoiler]lewd[/spoiler] and not be reprimanded!
More boards // board coming soon
Look at this picture. Two grills from what is personally my favorite piece of masturbation material out there.
I only have uno question tho. Y did the flyer that brought me here have the left grill on it when left grill is definitely worst grill in show.
Right grill is clearly best grill.
Good [spoiler]Sunday[/spoiler] morning and welcome to 99.7 DANCE FM
The only radio station where the disc jockeys don't jockey discs, but YOU make the decisions about the music

I'll start us off with a hit from Skylar Spence (also known as the rehabilitating vaporwave artist SAINT PEPSI) off his debut album Prom King (2015)
what's some of the cringiest shit you've seen on campus, /ncsu/?
Pic related I see a fedora tipper go up to preachers and bible study groups and forcibly argue
What's the best eats within reach of campus to you boyos?
What's the best dining hall?
Is food@state even WORTH eating?

Drop all your food feelings in here ください!
Show me your desktop /swt/! Compete for fame and the cash prize of $25,000. . . this is the preliminary but you might make it to the finals in Korea next year!
Yes hello staff board can you hear me now?
Let's play shiritori!
This week is pretty uncomfy.

What does /ncsu/ do to keep the comf when life is become stress?

Never give up the fight for comf, my friends. Compromising on comf
is compromising on life.
Let's contribute to society by translating doujin material!

Swiggity Swooggity I'm coming for your Pooh-Berry
Statistics is my favorite thing.

What is your favorite thing?

Please no people-posting, this thread reserved for good things. Good people should make their own thread.
hey boys!!
first post here on the waterman, so i'll introduce myself : )
all the boys down at the bait shop call me Pudd

now, down to buisines!
can anyone tell me who this carcass is?
the Bait Shop Boys can't tell me a thing!!
neither can my Smart Son!! (he will do much greater things than his bojangles manager father lol : ) )

the carcass materialized before me down by the old sauce spot by the bay
woo wee did it did stink!!!
bout as long across as a weinie dog!!
woulda been a fine catch had it been livin

thanks for the help watermen!!
go 'heels!! : )
The strange monolithic spheres dot the road adjacent the SAS PCJ

What are they for? Why are they there?

WHAT BEING is being appeased by their existence?
Let's discuss the proper ways to shitpost and not be banned as well as shitposting ediquette and
Is anyone else disappointed that when you click the Persona button you don't start playing Persona?
Welcome to /swt/!
Now moderation AND banning both work, behave yourselves.
What does /ncsu/ have in your backpack?
dreary day vibe thread