This was


the N.C. State Imageboard
(March 2017 ~ May 2020)
Do you like to watch the sub or the dub?

I think the dub can be refreshing but I watch subbed almost always
What are you reading over Summer break?
What are your plans for the summer /ncsu/?

Exciting trips, getting hammered in your back yard, everything is fair game here!

Remember not to do anything to stupid though!
Crank That (Soulja Boy) turns ten today!!!

wish him an hampy birthday in this thread

Post your best girl here
doesn't matter if you best girl [spoiler]or boy[/spoiler] has already been posted

this is the premise
it's another one of those days /swt/
today'll be ace for those fat after-class naps

the only thing better than a cozy nap is a cozy track:
Official thread for very important people to post about local advertising
Remember: adverts that are not posters are not allowed for now: local posting only!
Does /swt/ have any favorite visual artists?

I love Hideshi Hino
he gives garbage pail kids a run for their money
so /ncsu/ will have new hours this week
/yu/ and /swt/ will stay open but /ncsu/ will only be open from 7PM-10PM
I'll make an announcement about this soon but just know that this kicks in sunday night, 11:59 PM

I'd like to concentrate all the potential /ncsu/ funposting to three hours so it doesn't dissipate and lose its magic
This is a thread for things which are could be psychologically classed as degenerate
~This thread is for toobee's math lessons.
2B is rlly good at math because she is an android, and androids can do math really fast
Future builds will include all 30GB of Fate/Stay Night packaged in the source code!
I'm going to sleep, /r/equesting that whoever gets the digits 1488 makes a nazi related post, thank you and goodnight
no You Laugh You Lose bread? You Laugh You Lose bread.