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the N.C. State Imageboard
(March 2017 ~ May 2020)

It's been 15 years since we've had anonymous imageboards in English... why do you still use them? I think the big ones should be shut down.
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Hey guys, I'm hosting board game night tomorrow to celebrate Halloween, mostly gonna play board games and hang out, maybe watch a movie, feel free to come in costumes, bring a friend.

Contact me on Discord: snacksnake#3807
Or contact my friend on her phone number: 336-782-4911

so what's your favorite place to yeet on campus?

Are any of you burnt out?

I can't seem to motivate myself to do any of my schoolwork until the absolute deadline, without doing the readings/homework. It's not interesting at all and has no relevance to any career that I may have or anything even tertiarily related to any of my skills. To be honest, I can hardly take it. I'd rather do literally anything. If I was a construction worker, I'd at least get some exercise, see the product of my labor, and see a livable paycheck at the end of the week. I could even work overtime and start saving.

Like many, when I my work isn't even painful enough to feel like a challenge or has nothing to be solved or nothing to be proud of (even the grades are irrelevant at this point), I just can never seem to motivate myself to do any of it until the last minute. Like... you remember in fight club, how the guy says that work is basically so monotonous, feminized, and disconnected from reality that it just sucks his soul right out? That's how school feels. I love the adrenaline of a long-distance (by my standards) jog, hell I'd even pay to be able to get dragged out to sea again, just for the sake of skin-in-the-game and a challenge. This dread (in the literal sense) just makes me wanna disappear. I watch youtube videos, browse websites, and do all this inane shit I don't care about, just to hide for seconds, hours, and days away from my Danaid-labor. Yeah, it's easy to imagine Sisyphus happy, but what about the Danaids? At least Sisyphus reaches the top.

I don't even see my irl friends very often anymore. One I considered my best friend and I haven't seen that person--not really--in ages. I wanna stop. I'd take $10/hour paving the sidewalks ffs. I really have no idea how I'm gonna finish my final projects. Oh people say "Don't worry, anon, you'll get it done! It will all be over soon." But it can't be over soon enough, and I don't know if I can hold out that long.

its the high holiday, my favorite day of the year

are you doing anything special?
do you have any halloween movies you like to watch?
seasonal things you like to eat?
candy corn opinions?

tell me bout it

captcha: ho

> 204 days
>listening to EMS freq on chinkshit radio I finally got in the mail
>find it comfy to listen to the crackle of static as calls come in every now and then
>hear a notification of a cardiac arrest in Valentine Commons

what are my fellow howlers reading lately? I'm reading Fear and Trembling by Kierkegaard, which is honestly a pretty fun read that has made me more interested in the Old Testament. I'm also slowly trudging through Psychology and Religion. i hope I get through it by the end of the year-- it feels like a burden lately.
Also! How do you keep track of what you read? I've been using goodreads lately, but I want to move to a better solution.

Hello, it's time for our annual Halloween costume party, the last ever HOWLERWEEN
Date: 10/26 (Sat)
Doors at 7PM

look forward to seeing you there; don't forget a costume!

When will Yumi-dono (PBUH) allow for pdfs? I wanna share my losing entry into the short story contest.

It's that time of year bois

Are you going?
Who are you going with?
What's your Fair plans?

I try to go every year. This year I'm going with a 2-3 classmates this Saturday. Personally I hate rollercoasters but I'll ride at least one. Mostly there to eat a bunch of junk food.

movie and anime thread reborn

we oughtta watch this. I think it's a good compromise between those two (non)howlers who really like grungy weird stuff and something fun and classic for the restivus

Heya, let's talk about careers! What do you do / what do you want to do? This has become more relevant recently, especially as I am graduating college soon. Let's chat!
I wanna make cream as an FPGA engineer while I get my PE licensure, hopefully while staying in the RDU/RTP area for a while.

Isn't it interesting how disproportionately GB (gay and bisexual; lesbians are already gay, gender dysphoria is a mental illness) the howlan boys are?
I mean if you factor out the ``bi'' women* who bring their boyfriends to pride parades, I'd say we have more GB folks than any other group on campus.

*According to that one study at Essex, all women are either lesbian or bisexual, so why could those who have never nor would never seriously date a woman as bisexual?

when 2 women in your physics class get the question wrong

it's wednesday my dudes, how has the week been so far?

Does anyone know any place on campus where I can practice drums? I obviously can't bring a kit to a dorm and I am sick of waiting to play drums when I get back home from school.

last one to post wins

tfw NCSU has a deal with Dell so the thinkpad flow at surplus is gonna dry up
Where do I turn to for cheap laptops now? I'm planning on visiting UNC surplus next week.

you know that old jojos game heritage for the future, well we’re having a blindfolded tournament for it in fgc club at around 7:15pm in daniels hall 334 wednesday sep 25, it will be streamed so show off your blindfolded skills. you don’t get to choose your character its random every match

Hello Howler
I am having a party this Saturday (9/20) at 7PM~9PM, we'll have a DJ!
1130-203 Clarion Heights Lane
Big party big excite!
The theme is: jungle x gabber
bring a handle!!! bring a friend!!!

Hello Weebs, Spotted This Today
Who's Man Is This?

Went to Tazza Kitchen Cameron Village on Wednesday - bougie as fuck interior, everything looked nice. 25% of the main course menu are tacos so I figured they would be their specialty. Some of the worst tacos I've had

On the other hand, I tried out Armadillo Grill on Monday. Their tacos were pretty damn good.

Thanks for reading my food blog