This was


the N.C. State Imageboard
(March 2017 ~ May 2020)


Good morning, /ncsu/!
I missed you!

If you are new here, please check out the >>>/rules/ first

And do not be shy to make your first post!
You'll see some old posts around here. . . we were open for a month or so before closing for 90 days this summer. . . I'll post more history when I'm out of class!
/ncsu/ will be closing for the final time this summer at 9PM

I loved spending time with you all who have been through here; I will see you again August 16 at 9AM sharp. . . don't be late!

whoops got a little too aggressive with compiling software
Because I cannot warn you all summer anymore, be careful at gas stations!

But the coffee is good!
/ncsu/ is opening for the last time this summer today!
We will open again the first day of classes, so 9AM August 16 -- expect a lot of excitement leading up to this

Otherwise I hope you've enjoyed the ~2 months (only two!) of fun; it's a shame that traffic has thinned out but I'm looking forward to sharing a lot more time with you in the fall semester

Oh, and enjoy your last day on howler!
What is your favorite time of day?
I love the morning, I love the sunrise. I love eating breakfast I love watching アニメ and being blinded by the sun when it finally peeks over the trees, I love when I shower and have all the time in the world. I love waking up early even when I have work to do, I love waking up early when I have work to do.

And you, what is your favorite time of day?
I don't think that ASCII art will come out well here, so post your favorite ascii arts as pictures!
If you've heard the rumors by now, know that they are true:
[spoiler] will close for 82 days beginning at the end of friday's session[/spoiler]
[spoiler]all's well that ends~[/spoiler]
Hello, this is the server owner speaking: begins its summer slumber this friday 9PM sharp! finishes its summer slumber on the first day of fall semester! See you all then!
Do you listen to a lot of music, /ncsu/?
Do you listen to a lot of different music?
Do you listen to a lot of the same music?

Tell us about it!
Is email a dead technology?
there are lots of other ways to talk on the internet that I cannot understand why people still hold on to email

I wish there were different, reliable ways to reach each other on the internet
D! for new thread
Have you tried the new css in options→themes that I based off the old ncsu counterstrike server website?
There are a lot of other cool themes that you might like in there as well

If you have any ideas for other css sheets/themes that you'd like to see implemented, drop them here~
Did you know that you can claim exemption on your W-4 if you are blind?

One more reason to forfeit your eyesight instead of your sense of smell!
Do you know about anything absurd that has happened at ncsu?

We used to have guys that built a really big forum that was really controversial around campus
"Racially Charged Web Postings Upset N.C. State Students"
There's a new place for enlightenment and intellectual discussion on the internet
conversation feels a lot different from the imageboard on IRC; feel free to come by and hang out!
I missed /ncsu/ closing time
Programming, vidya, hardware, security, etc.

Welcome to the NCSU summer tech general thread!
Hello /ncsu/! Thank you for dealing with the state of the server over the past few days. . . I reinstalled everything, even the O/S, and I managed to keep everything looking just as familiar as usual, which is a miracle by itself

As a result of the operating system install, and its various other URLs run harder, better, faster, stronger, more than hour hour never ever after work is over work it make it do it makes us harder better faster stronger~

We will be running an IRC server on this server where the moderation team can be contacted or just generally harassed, stay tuned

Oh, and good morning!
we did it krautchan!
does /ncsu/ listen to anything particular when they study?

i have a couple things a make a point to tune into when i'm studyin up

[spoiler] at the risk of sounding like a video jamer, i have a running playlist of game bgm to listen to >>>/watch?v=GfN69tgKlqk[/spoiler]
i mean, it's composed to be catchy and repetitive in the background while you're working on other things, right?

horror movie soundtracks are really good too for the same reason
[spoiler] especially italian ones >>>/watch?v=-Sx2Iqdav2w[/spoiler]
Here is one of my favorite days on /ncsu/. . . this was during one of the 2-hour sessions~

oh, and the numbers in parentheses mean how many websockets the client has open, which roughly means how fast the client is bouncing around threads and pages across the site
I like to build cool and interesting and (marginally) useful circuits when I've got nothing better to do.
I also like to write programs that make my day-to-day more fun and effective towards achieving my goals.

What do you do in your free time?